Scam Calls to Pay Clay County FL Traffic Tickets

Do you have outstanding Florida traffic citations in Clay County FL?  Do you have unpaid Jacksonville traffic tickets?  Do you believe that you may have a Florida speeding ticket that you have not paid yet?  The biggest problem that you normally face if you have past due tickets is that your Florida drivers license is suspended.  If you are caught driving on a suspended license in Jacksonville, you will receive a ticket for this.  If you receive three driving on a suspended or revoked license convictions within five years, you will receive a Florida drivers license suspension for five years.  This is because you will become a Florida habitual traffic offender.

As a Jacksonville criminal attorney and Florida drivers license lawyer, this is the biggest concern for most of my clients.  Another concern is the points that will go on your license after you pay your tickets.  However, drivers in Clay County now have another worry.  Channel 4 News reported a story about a scam in Clay County:

Florida License Attorney

FL Traffic Ticket Scam in Clay County FL

“The Clay County Sheriff’s Office and Green Cove Springs police are working cases Monday related to scam calls made to residents related to made-up traffic citations. According to authorities, a man is placing calls posing as a law enforcement official and is telling residents to pay for an overdue traffic ticket to avoid arrest. One resident realized the call was bogus, hung up and contacted the Sheriff’s Office agency to report the scam. Another resident made the payment via a pre-paid card, but reported it afterwards once he realized it was a scam. In both cases, no actual citations existed for the people targeted by the caller and detectives are working to identify the caller/criminal behind this scam. Authorities say local law enforcement agencies would not make telephone calls about outstanding traffic citations, and please notify local law enforcement if you receive such a call.”

If you receive a call about a Florida ticket, you should not give a payment over the telephone.  Ask for a telephone number to use to call the person back.  Then, research the ticket and the bill collector.  If you have outstanding tickets in Northeast Florida, you may want to hire a Jacksonville lawyer to help you with the points on your license.  A speeding ticket may cause you to have three or four points added to your license.  The points will rack up if you continue to receive tickets and may cause your license to be suspended or your insurance rates could increase.  If you need a Jacksonville attorney with experience to help you, contact 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525.

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