Will My Florida Drivers License Be Suspended for Unpaid Tickets?

Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer

Unpaid speeding tickets will suspend you license, but too many points will suspend it too.

Will My Florida Drivers License Be Suspended for Unpaid Tickets?  Yes.  Your Florida drivers license will be suspended if you do not pay your tickets.  If you ignore your Florida speeding ticket or other traffic ticket, it will not go away.  Instead, it gets worse.  If you do receive a Jacksonville traffic ticket, contact an attorney at 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525.  If you merely pay the ticket, this will put points on your driving record which could cause a drivers license suspension or your insurance rates to increase.  If you decided not to do anything with the ticket, your license will be suspended indefinitely.  You will eventually want to clear up your license, and it will be more expensive.  You will not only have to pay the ticket.  You will also need to pay late fees and a D6 Clearance fee.  Sometimes, the ticket will go to collections.  This will create even more fees.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles explains the D6 Clearance:

“When a ticket is not paid on time or all the court’s requirements have not been satisfied, then the county court notifies our department to suspend the driving privilege until the ticket has been satisfied and you present a D-6 court clearance form or other court clearance form to our department.”

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles directs you to “contact the clerk of court in the county where you received the ticket.”  If you received a ticket in another state, you need to contact the county in that state.  If you do not know the county, contact the state’s department of highway safety and motor vehicles.  The court in the jurisdiction will usually be able to advise you “as to the fines or other requirements [that] are needed from them to satisfy the ticket and what payment options are available for the court. Once you have met the court’s requirements, the court will either provide you with a court clearance form, or send the clearance to” the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles directly.

Even if you pay all of your tickets, you may end up with a FL drivers license suspension.  This may be because you have too many points.  A Jacksonville drivers license lawyer at 20 Miles Law can help you with this.  You may also receive a letter from the Department due to Jacksonville driving on a suspended license convictions.  If you have three convictions for driving on a suspended or revoked license within five years, your license will be revoked for 5 years.  You will be a Florida habitual traffic offender.  You can prevent this by talking to a Jacksonville drivers license attorney about the details of your suspensions.  Call (904) 564-2525 for help.  Even if your license has already been suspended as a habitual traffic offender, a Jacksonville lawyer may be able to help you.

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