Jacksonville FL Shoplifting Allegation Leads to Reckless Car Crash

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Jacksonville FL Shoplifting Case Takes Deadly Turn

I have written several articles lately about theft and shoplifting in Jacksonville FL.  Last week, I wrote an article on this Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers website about grand theft auto in Jacksonville.  It was titled, Jacksonville FL Grand Theft Auto Investigation After Car Found in Water.  I also wrote an article last week on the Jacksonville lawyers website about a man stealing from a gas station worker.  It is called, Jacksonville FL Retail Petit Theft Turns Into Robbery.  In that article, I discussed how a basic theft could become much worse due to actions the suspect takes.  For instance, a petty theft charge will become a robbery if you snatch the item from a person.  People are often scared after they are caught committing a crime.  They are afraid of going to jail.  They have a tendency to try to do things to get themselves out of trouble.  Sometimes, this consist of making up a story or confessing to a crime in the hopes that the police officer will give them credit for being honest and cooperative.  Sometimes, people will run to try to escape.

This morning Action News of Jax reported how a shoplifting case resulted in a deadly car crash after the theft suspect tried to flee the scene of the crime.  The media reported:

“Police say 30-year-old Phillip Bryant was being held Thursday for shoplifting at the Wal-Mart at the River City Market Place when he fought his way out of the store. Police tried to catch up with his car but eventually backed off because he was driving recklessly. Bryant ended up crashing his car on Main Street, it went over the fly-over ramp at Broward Road. Bryant died at the scene.”

It is such a same to read something like this.  The shoplifting charge was not that bad.  Depending on the value of the property stolen, it could be a felony or misdemeanor charge.

The Florida Theft Law for Jacksonville Grand Theft and Petty Theft Arrests can be found in Florida Statute 812.014. Usually, shoplifting charges are only misdemeanor crimes because the defendant takes less than $300 in most cases. It is still important not to take the case lightly, but it is not the end of the world. A Jacksonville criminal attorney can help. Even if the arrest is for Jacksonville felony petit theft or grand theft, there is usually something that can be done.

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