How to Get Your Criminal Charges Dropped in Jacksonville FL

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If you were arrested, you are probably worried.  You are not sure what is going to happen.  You want to know how you can get your criminal charges dropped.  If you hire a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, there is no guarantee that your charges will be dropped.   Every case is different.  In some cases, your Jacksonville criminal attorney may be able to get the charges dropped due to a lack of evidence.  Your Jacksonville lawyer may be able to talk to the prosecutor about dropping the charges based on favorable evidence.  There is not a “cookie-cutter” way to convince the State of Florida to drop a criminal case.  Every case is different.  You want an attorney that will go through your case thoroughly and fight for you.

If you were arrested, but you are not guilty of the crime, your Jacksonville lawyer will want to go over the evidence with the state attorney to show your innocence.  This may cause the state attorney to decline to prosecute you.  If you have never been arrested before, you may be eligible for a program.  Children and teenagers that have been arrested for Jacksonville juvenile crimes may be eligible for a juvenile diversion program.  This is offered to certain juvenile offenders for certain criminal offenses.  There are also diversion programs for adults.  There is the pretrial intervention program.  In order to be able to enter the pretrial diversion program, the adult cannot have a record and it is only offered for certain crimes in limited circumstances.  Your Jacksonville criminal lawyer may be able to get you into a diversion program based on your situation.

Sometimes, the prosecutor will not drop a case.  Then, the defendant and his or her Jacksonville attorney must decide on how they are going to proceed with the case.  Sometimes, they work out a plea deal or plea bargain with the state attorney.  Other times, they prepare for trial.  Naturally, the goal for the defense is to obtain a not guilty verdict or a judgment of acquittal.

When most people are facing criminal charges, they have similar goals.  They want to save their criminal records, and they do not want to go to jail.  It is obvious that no one wants to go to jail, so avoiding jail time is often the main goal.  You also want to dispose of your case in a way that permits you to seal or expunge your Florida record later on.   If your charges are dropped, you may be able to expunge your Florida criminal record.  Even if your charges are not dropped, you may still be able to seal your criminal record, so long as you are not convicted.

If you have been arrested in Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, or Duval County FL, contact a Jacksonville lawyer with years of experience in criminal defense.  You may call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 to speak to an attorney about your case and your circumstances.  It is best if you speak with an attorney immediately, so you two can start preparing your defense to the charges.

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