Will Driving on a Suspended License Affect My Florida Record?

As a Florida Drivers License Lawyer and Jacksonville Criminal Attorney, people ask me about their records often.  There are two different types of records.  You have a criminal record and a driving record.  Charges that may be on your criminal record are not necessarily on your driving record.  Citations that are on your driving record will not always be on your criminal record.  For instance, if you are arrested for simple battery in Jacksonville, this will not show up on your driving record.  It will show up on a Florida criminal background check.  If you were given a Florida speeding ticket, this will not show up on a normal criminal background check, but will be on your driving record.

Driving Suspended Revoked License

What will suspended license tickets do to your record?

There are charges that will affect both your criminal record and driving record.  A criminal charge that will show up on both records is a Jacksonville driving under the influence of alcohol charge.  This is obvious, because when you are arrested for DUI, you are taken to jail.  Also, the term “driving” is used in the criminal charge and can result in a Florida drivers license suspension, so it makes sense that it would be on your driving record.  There are situations where this cross over between records is less obvious.  Consider a Jacksonville possession of marijuana charge.  If you are arrested for possession of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia in Jacksonville, your license may be suspended for two years.  The drivers license suspension will depend on the way your case is handled and disposed of.

Jacksonville driving on a suspended or revoked license is one of the main ways a traffic citation becomes a criminal charge.  Read Is a Jacksonville Driving on Suspended License Ticket a Crime? for more information.  If you receive a Jacksonville traffic ticket for driving while your license is suspended or revoked with knowledge of the suspension, this is a criminal charge.  If you are convicted of it, this is a criminal conviction.  A criminal charge will show up on your criminal record even if you were not arrested for it.

If you receive too many tickets for driving on a suspended license, this could lead to a felony arrest.  If you receive 3 convictions for driving while your license is suspended or revoked within 5 years, this will cause your license to be suspended for five years.  This will make you a Florida habitual traffic offender.  This is also called HTO.  If you are caught driving and you are a habitual traffic offender, you will be arrested for a felony.  You do not want this to happen.  If you receive a ticket for driving on a suspended license, you should talk to a Jacksonville lawyer with experience helping people in your situation.  Even if it is your first ticket for driving on a suspended license, you should protect your driving record.  If you receive a letter from the DMV stating that your license is going to be suspended for five years, talk to a Jacksonville attorney that may be able to help you.  Do not continue to drive without a license.  It will only make things worse.  Call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 to speak with a Jacksonville criminal lawyer about your problem.

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