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I can think of about a dozen telephone calls that parents do not want to receive.  Unless your child is receiving an award for outstanding achievement or perfect attendance, you usually do not want the school calling you.  You never want to receive a call that your neighbor saw your child smoking marijuana.  You do not want your teenager calling you to tell you that he just received a Florida speeding ticket or other Jacksonville traffic ticket.  Even more so, you never want to receive a call that your child was involved in an accident or that something bad has happened.

Jacksonville Child Defense Attorney

If you are worried, imagine how your child feels.

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, there is one call that I am very familiar with.  No mother wants a police officer calling to inform her that her son has been arrested.  No father wants to go to the Duval County juvenile detention facility to pick up his daughter.  The problem is that it does happen.  It is scary for a parent and child.  When you receive that call, you want to know everything.  You want your child to talk to you over the telephone.  Be careful what you say over the telephone.  Depending on where your child is calling from, the calls may be recorded.  While you may be thinking that your child should have nothing to hide and should say anything over the telephone, it is not a good idea.  Your child may say something detrimental to his or her case and future.  Give your child the opportunity to speak with you in private first.  Children have a tendency to be more open and honest when they are comfortable.  I can guarantee you that your child does not feel comfortable if he or she is calling you after being arrested.  Also, give your child a chance to speak with a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer.  You want your child to speak with a Jacksonville attorney that understands what he or she is going through.

I know that you are upset with your child.  You are disappointed that your son did not use better judgment.  You are upset that your daughter was so easily influenced by her peers.  You are ashamed that your son would use drugs.  You cannot believe your daughter would ever steal anything.  You raised your child better than this.  Remember that children will be children.  Teenagers tend to act on impulse.  We are not the same people that we were when we were minors.  We are not the same people that we were when we were in high school and college.  We have matured since our teens and twenties.  Your child will mature too, but he or she needs your help now.

You may be wondering if you should hire a Jacksonville criminal attorney to defend your child in a juvenile criminal case.  Your son or daughter has a future.  Hiring an attorney to defend him or her will help preserve the possibilities and opportunities that the future may bring.  It is important to take care of a criminal case properly.  You may want to expunge or seal the Florida record later on.  If you do not dispose of the case in a certain manner, you will not be able to clear the Florida criminal background.

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