Can You See My Record if My Charges Are Dropped in Florida

Why do I have a criminal record if my charges were dropped?  If my case was dismissed, why is it showing up on a background check?  How can I clear my Florida criminal record, so the arrest will not show up on my record?

Jacksonville Record Expungment

How can people still see my record when the charges were dismissed?!?!

If you were arrested or given a notice to appear citation, there is a record out there.  The charge will likely show up on a criminal background check or criminal history report.  You case may have been disposed of in a numbers of ways.  If your Jacksonville criminal lawyer told you that the charges were dropped, this means that the charges were dismissed for one reason or another.  After reviewing the evidence and speaking with your Jacksonville criminal attorney, the state attorney’s office may have declined to prosecute your case.  This means that the state attorney dismissed your case before the charges were filed.  The charges were never filed, but you still have a criminal record due to the arrest.  Let’s say that the state attorney did file the charges, but he charges were dropped later.  Even though the State of Florida dropped the case, everything that occurred prior to that is on file.  The same is true for diversion programs.  If you successfully completed a pretrial intervention program, your charges were probably dismissed.  This does not mean that your record is clean.  You still need to expunge your Florida criminal record.

How do I expunge my record?  In order to expunge your record, you need to be sure that you fit the criteria.  You must be eligible to expunge your record.  Read Can I Expunge My Florida Criminal Record?  If you are eligible, you should consider hiring a Jacksonville attorney with experience sealing and expunging Florida records.   The expunction process is a detail-oriented one.  If you make a mistake, this will delay the process and could prevent you record from being expunged.  Call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 to speak with a lawyer that will help you erase your record.

How long will it take to expunge my record?  I need to expunge it now.  Is there anyway to expunge is quickly?  The expungment process is not a quick one.  It takes approximately 8 months from start to finish, and this is without hitting a bump in the road.  The sooner you start, the better.  You do not want to mess up.  I have talked to people that thought their records were sealed or expunged only to find out that they never finished the process.

If you want to seal or expunge your record in Florida, call (904) 564-2525 or send an email to Find a Lawyer.  You can speak with a Jacksonville lawyer about your eligibility.  An attorney may even be able to help you over the telephone.  This is convenient for people that live out of county or out of state.

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