Michael Dunn’s Jacksonville Criminal Trial Continued

Last week, Michael Dunn appeared in the Duval County Courthouse.  Dunn has been charged with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder.  He has been “accused of murdering 17 year-old Jordan Davis.”  He went to court for a pretrial court date on Thursday.  The defense moved for a continuance.  Duval County State Attorney Angela Corey did not object to the continuance.  Dunn’s case was originally set to begin jury selection on September 23.  His attorney informed the court that Dunn would need more time to prepare for the trial.  He “told the judge scores of witnesses still need to be deposed.”  He “suggested a trial date in February saying it would likely take two weeks…. Circuit Judge Russell Healey granted the delay saying he wants to the trial to get underway in January and at the latest in February.”  Dunn has been in the Duval County jail since November 27, 2012.  He waived his right to speedy trial on March 19, 2013.

Normally, Jacksonville criminal attorneys would have already taken a significant amount of depositions in a case that has been pending for a year.  If you have a case with a lot of witnesses, sometimes you keep learning about new witnesses as you go along.  This can cause a criminal case to drag along and take longer than expected to prepare for trial.  I have been the Jacksonville criminal lawyer in a case that had witness coming from every direction.  I kept learning about new witnesses every time I deposed someone.  In Dunn’s case, it seems as if his case has been delayed due to procedures.  His attorney spent months requesting that his client be declared indigent for costs.  The motions were denied.  Had they been granted, Dunn would not have had to pay for his own deposition costs.  Also, Dunn is on his third judge.

Dunn’s murder case is popular among Duval County lawyers, because it occurred in Jacksonville FL.  After the shooting, Dunn claimed that he acted in self defense in Florida.  This captured nation media attention due to the George Zimmeman and Trayvon Martin case.  Like the Zimmerman case, there are racial issues and an unarmed, black teenager that was shot (Read Jacksonville Dunn and Davis Shooting Compared to Florida Zimmerman Case).  Jordan Davis’ “murder case has attracted national attention since the teen’s death November 23 outside a Southside convenience store.  Police say loud music triggered a confrontation between Dunn and Davis.  Dunn says he saw a gun in the vehicle.  Police never recovered a weapon.” (First Coast News of Jacksonville)

Jordan Davis’ parents were present and “had plenty to say on the steps of the courthouse. Ron Davis has been at all the hearings since his son was murdered. Davis said he had hoped to see Dunn express some remorse for taking the life of his son,” but he has not seen any.

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