Duval County Juvenile Criminal Lawyers on After School Programs

Jacksonville Juvenile Lawyer

The focus should be on keeping teens out of trouble.

In my career as a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I have represented adults and children.  I have represented juveniles charged with Florida petit theft in Clay County.  I have represented children facing Jacksonville juvenile charges for burglary in Duval County.  I have helped children with possession of marijuana cases in St. Johns County.  Children and teenagers are at a very critical stage of their lives.  The decisions that they make today will affect them in the future.  While parents can tell their children this until they are blue in the face, it does not mean that their kids will not continue to make decisions based on impulse or peer pressure.

When I am a Jacksonville juvenile attorney on a case, I like to get to know the child and the family.  I ask about school, after school jobs, and extra circular activities.  I am a firm believer that school is not enough.  Children should be involved in other activities.  After school activities do more than just keep a child occupied.  They also help raise his or her self-esteem.  This may also keep a child out of trouble and prevent him or her from becoming a Jacksonville juvenile delinquent.

Duval County has several after school programs.  The City of Jacksonville’s website list different types of after school programs.  There are school based and community based programs.  There are the obvious programs after school, such as clubs and sports.  Here is a list of Duval County public schools that offer after school programs.  There is also a list of community based programs in the area.  One of the more popular one that I noticed is the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida that are scatter across Jacksonville FL.  Studies have been done about the Boys & Girls Clubs.  “Five housing projects without Boys & Girls Clubs were compared to five receiving new clubs. At the beginning, drug activity and vandalism were the same. But by the time the study ended, the housing projects without the programs had 50 percent more vandalism and scored 37 percent worse on drug activity.”  (After-School Programs Prevent Crime)

You would be surprised at how many options there are for after school programs.  There is a free program called Club Rec.  “Club Rec is the Department of Parks, Recreation and Entertainment’s popular after school program.  Programs are designed to meet the after-school needs of active students ages 6-13.”  Beaches Habitat for Humanity “offers a number of educational support and enrichment programs to assist students and families in achieving their highest academic potential.”  It is located in Atlantic Beach FL.

If your child is arrested, you should talk to a Duval County attorney with experience defending juvenile delinquent cases.  You want to protect your child’s rights and Florida criminal record.  You also want to get to the root of the problem and talk to your child.  Speak to a Jacksonville lawyer by calling (904) 564-2525.

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