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Orange Park Grand Theft

Criminal Mischief, Burglary and Theft in Clay County FL

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office lists recent crimes involving property on a regular basis in the Florida Times Union.  They do this as part of a Crime Watch for Clay County.  The Crime Watch webpage gives people a telephone number to call if they have information to report.   The crimes range from Florida grand theft to petit theft.  The sheriff’s office reports more than Clay County Florida theft crimes.  They also list Florida criminal mischief and burglary charges.

Last week, there appeared to be more Florida petit thefts and grand thefts in Clay County than other property crimes.  If the value of the item stolen was less than $300, it is a petit theft charge.  Otherwise, the charge is grand theft.  In the majority of these cases, it seems like people may have just forgot their items and someone took them.  The Florida Times Union reported the following thefts from June 7 to 10:

  1. An unattended wallet was stolen from a cart at the Dollar General Store on Green Way, Keystone Heights.
  2. An unattended cell phone was stolen from the checkout counter at a store on Blanding Boulevard, Orange Park.
  3. An unattended cell phone was stolen from a meeting room at Fleming Island High School on Village Square Parkway.
  4. An unattended wallet was stolen from the checkout counter at the Little Caesars pizza restaurant on Blanding Boulevard, Middleburg.
  5. An unattended wallet was stolen from the women’s bathroom at the Kangaroo station on Henley Road, Lake Asbury.
  6. An unattended wallet was stolen from a classroom at Fortis College on Wells Road, Orange Park.
  7. Two ladders were stolen from the top of a trailer parked at an apartment complex on Campbell Avenue, Orange Park.

There were also thefts that occurred at medical facilities in Orange Park:

  1. Two hearing aids were stolen from a night stand in a patient’s room at Orange Park Medical Center on Kingsley Avenue.
  2. An unattended purse was stolen from the side of the bed in a patient’s room Orange Park Medical Center on Kingsley Avenue.
  3. Money was stolen from a purse that was under bed covers in a resident’s room at Consulate Health Care on Kingsley Avenue, Orange Park.

The Florida Times Union also reported three burglaries:

  1. Two tables and a pop-up tent were stolen from an unlocked shed at Safe Animal Shelter on County Road 220, Middleburg.
  2. The teacher’s lounge was vandalized, a copy machine damaged and concession-style popcorn was poured throughout the lounge at the Keystone Heights High School on Orchid Avenue.
  3. A purse was stolen from a vehicle parked at the St. Catherine’s Catholic Church on Kingsley Avenue, Orange Park. Forced entry was made by smashing out the rear window.

There were a few criminal mischief cases.  A criminal mischief charge may be a felony or misdemeanor depending on the amount of damage involved:

  1. Two windows were busted out on two vehicles parked at a residence on Ibis Drive, Orange Park.
  2. The lock on the lock box was damaged at the Clay County Council on Aging on Section Street, Middleburg.
  3. The side wall of a tire was cut on a vehicle parked at a residence on Alsey Drive, Orange Park.
  4. An acid bomb in a plastic bottle was thrown into a yard and exploded at a residence on Worthington Oaks Drive, OakLeaf.
  5. A vehicle was scratched down the driver side while parked in front of a residence on Biltmore Way, OakLeaf.
  6. A vehicle was scratched down the passenger side while parked at a residence on Tigress Lane Way, Middleburg.

Clay County police officers and detectives will be looking for suspects.  This could result in Florida juvenile criminal charges or adult charges.  If you or your child is being questioned about a crime, you can speak with a Clay County lawyer about it.  You do not need to answer questions without speaking with a Jacksonville criminal attorney first.  You may call (904) 564-2525 to speak with a Jacksonville lawyer about your case.

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