Florida DUI Charges Dropped in Nassau County

Nassau County Arrest

Stacy Johnson

Almost one year ago, Stacy Turner Johnson was arrested for drunk driving.  I wrote an article about this last June called Nassau County Commissioner Arrested for Florida DUI Charges.  After fighting the case for 11 months, the state attorneys office dropped the Florida DUI charges.  The state attorneys office has not said exactly why it decided to drop the DUI charges.  When DUI charges are dropped, it is usually due to a lack of evidence, but we do not know in this case.  It may have been because they could not prove that Johnson was driving under the influence of alcohol to the extent that her normal faculties were impaired.

In Florida DUI cases, there are often DVDs that show the vehicle being stopped.  It also shows the suspect performing field sobriety tests.  Youtube has a video of Turner’s DUI DVD.  She did not take field sobriety exercises.  Judging the DUI DVD, I doubt that she took a breath test.  If so, this would prevent the state from having evidence of the breath alcohol level.  After looking at all the evidence or lack of evidence, the Nassau County state attorney may have decided that he could not prove the DUI case.  Even if you are not convicted of DUI, the arrest could cause you to have a Florida suspended drivers license.  The Florida drivers license suspension is separate from the criminal case.  The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will handle the drivers license aspect of the DUI.

The Fernandina Observer reported on the Johnson DUI case:

“When asked for comments, a reluctant Johnson addressed the initial media reports and subsequent arrest saying ‘in politics accusations are more important than facts.’  Johnson stated former Assistant State Attorney Wes White offered to drop the initial charge of DUI if Johnson pleaded guilty to reckless driving and resign from her elected position.  Johnson replied firmly to White’s request saying,  ‘I am not interested in stepping down from the position I was elected to serve.’ White was not involved in the Johnson case after December 2012, as he declined to accept reappointment for State Attorney Angela Corey’s upcoming term.”

Johnson pleaded no contest to Florida reckless driving.  This is a Florida traffic citation and a criminal offense.  Adjudication was withheld, so she was not convicted of the crime.  The DUI arrest and reckless driving disposition will still show up on her Florida criminal record.  She will likely be able to seal her Florida record.

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