Look for Arrest Warrant in Jacksonville FL

Look for Duval County Warrant

How do your find a FL warrant online?

An arrest warrant can be issued in any county in Florida.  There is a way to search for an arrest warrant in a specific county.  The Jacksonville Sheriffs Office is very good about giving information over the telephone.  If you think there may be an warrant for your arrest in Duval County FL, you can call them.  The JSO non-emergency number is (904) 630-0500.   If a Duval County judge has issued a warrant or capias for your arrest, talk to a Jacksonville criminal lawyer at 20 Miles Law about your case.  You may call (904) 564-2525 or send an email to Find a Lawyer.

Many people do not want to call the police station to find out if they have a warrant.  Because of this, I wrote an article on Jacksonville lawyers website telling people how they can search for a warrant online.  It is titled How to Find an Arrest Warrant in Florida.  It tells you how to find search for warrant in Florida.  It also gives you a specific website for St. Johns County and Clay County warrants.  I stated:

“There are websites that will help you find out if you have a warrant in Florida.  There is no guarantee that a warrant will show up on any of the websites, but you should try looking.  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has the main website search.  This one works for arrest warrants all over the state.  There is one problem with this warrant search.  I have ran searches on the FDLE’s website.  Sometimes, I cannot find the warrant.  This occurs even when I know that it exists.  I know that when I need to seal or expunge a Florida criminal record, the FDLE takes a while to get through my paperwork.  They may also take a while to register arrest warrants.  You may go to the FDLE Florida Warrants Search website to run a search and see if your warrant shows up.”

If you believe that there is a warrant out for your arrest in St. Johns County, you can search directly through the St. Johns County database. The St Johns County Florida Warrant website allows you to search using your name.  If you find a warrant or capias for your arrest, contact a St Johns County attorney for help at (904) 564-2525.

Clay County FL has “Wanted” List.  This is basically a warrants search.  It is listed in alphabetical order, so all you need to do is find your last name.  Here is the Clay County Warrant Search website.  A Clay County lawyer at 20 Miles Law can help you defend your case if there is a warrant out for your arrest.

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