Jacksonville Florida Burglaries to ABC Liquor Stores

Three burglaries in Jacksonville have lead to police searching for four people.  This could lead to a few arrests for Florida burglary to a structure.  Three ABC liquor stores in Jacksonville FL have been hit already in the last month.  The burglarars stole mainly high-end, expensive alcohol.  First Coast News reported:

“The latest was in the wee hours of Thursday morning on Roosevelt Boulevard. 

According to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office police report, the unknown suspects made their way into the Roosevelt Boulevard store by throwing concrete into the lower part of the glass door.

Video surveillance showed that four suspects pushed a shopping cart behind the counter and put random liquor bottles in the cart. Then, they tried to exit the store with the cart, but were unable to get the cart out of the store, so they abandoned it, according to the report.”

The Roosevelt Boulevard store was not the only Jacksonville ABC liquor store that was burglarized.

  An ABC store on Cesery Boulevard was burglarized on April 13.  On April 19, the San Jose Bouleard store was targeted. “Security cameras captured the burglaries in progress with three and sometimes four men wearing masks breaking the glass front door and making a dash for the counter. That’s where JSO Sergent Mike Shell says expensive spirits were grabbed and carted off.”  There is video evidence from a surveillance camera.  The people that committed the burglaries did cover their faces.


Florida Burglary Lawyer

Three ABC Liquor Stores burglarized in Jacksonville.

The Florida Times Union gave more information about a reward in these burglary cases.  “A reward for information leading to arrests in break-ins at three ABC Fine Wines and Spirits stores in April has been increased from $6,000 to $11,000.  On May 9, ABC offered a $5,000 reward. ABC has increased that to $10,000. On top of those, Crime Stoppers offered a $1,000 reward.”

Burglary detectives from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will likely question any suspects before they make an arrest.  It is important to know that you do not have to talk to the police.  If you are in custody, you have the right to have a Jacksonville criminal lawyer with you.  You just have to tell the police officer that you want to call your Jacksonville criminal attorney.  You do not have to answer any questions.  They may tell you that they have enough evidence to arrest you.  If that is the case, why do they need you to tell them anything?  They may tell you that you are only hurting yourself.  How would it hurt you to talk to a Jacksonville lawyer before continuing any kind of questioning?  If you have been arrested or believe that you may be arrested, you may contact a Jacksonville criminal lawyer at 20 Miles Law.  Call 904-564-2525 or send an email by clicking on Find a Lawyer.

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