Run Criminal Background Check Before Sealing Your FL Record

Florida Criminal Record Check

What is on your record? Run a background check on yourself. Then call 904-564-2525 to see if you can seal your record.

In my career as a Jacksonville criminal attorney, I have sealed and expunged many criminal records.  In most cases, people know what is in their background.  They know they how many times that they have been arrested.  Sometimes, you have a criminal charge on your record even if you were not arrested.  You may have been given a notice to appear citation.  This looks like a Florida speeding ticket, but it is not the same thing.  With a basic Jacksonville traffic ticket, you are not required to set a court date.  A notice to appear citation is given for minor criminal violations.  You will know that it is a criminal citation because you are required to set a court date.  Your Jacksonville lawyer may set a court date for you.  The ticket may be for a Florida traffic ticket that is also a crime or a misdemeanor charge.  For example, Jacksonville driving on a suspended or revoked license with knowledge is a criminal traffic charge.

A notice to appear citation is commonly given for Jacksonville petit theft cases.  This is especially true if the offender has little or no record.  If a person is under 21 years old and has an alcoholic beverage, he or she may be given a ticket for minor in possession of alcohol in Jacksonville FL.  Police will also give a criminal ticket for Jacksonville possession of marijuana in some misdemeanor possession cases.  Just because you received a ticket, it is still a criminal charge.  Police are permitted to give the tickets in lieu of an arrest under certain circumstances.

If you want to seal or expunge your FL criminal record, you should run a background check on yourself.  While most people know how many times they have been arrested, they tend to forget about criminal tickets.  A criminal background check will also give your Jacksonville criminal attorney the information that she needs to determine if you are eligible to seal your Florida record.  When your Jacksonville criminal lawyer is trying to seal or expunge your record, she needs to know if you have any criminal convictions.  She needs to know if you have been adjudicated guilty of any crime in Florida or anywhere else in the world.  You cannot seal or expunge your criminal record if you have ever been convicted of a crime or adjudicated delinquent as a Jacksonville juvenile delinquent.  A criminal conviction anywhere on your record will block you from sealing or expunging any other part of your record.  Even if you are not trying to seal the specific crime that you were convicted of, the adjudication of guilt will still affect your ability to seal another crime.

As with everything, there are exceptions to the rule.  In extremely limited circumstances, you may be able to seal or expunge your record if you have been convicted of a crime.  It depends on what type of crime you were convicted of.  First, run a background check on yourself.  Then, contact a Jacksonville attorney at 20 Miles Law.  You may call (904) 564-2525 or send an email by clicking on Find a Lawyer.

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