Expunge Florida Criminal Record Before Graduation

Clear Background for Job

Job interview? What will your criminal background show?

It is April 1 and people are preparing for graduation.  There will be teenagers graduating from high schools all over North Florida.  This includes Duval, Clay, Nassau, and St. Johns County.  Some have already applied to universities.  Others are waiting to apply to colleges or are going to look for a job.  Some may want to join the military.  The Jacksonville area also has many colleges and universities with upcoming graduations.  There is Jacksonville University which offers bachelors and masters degrees.  They have several majors that range from business administration to nursing.  The University of North Florida is known as UNF.  It is centrally located in Jacksonville FL.  It is a large university with many students graduating.  Keiser University and Everest University are also located in Duval County.  The University of Phoenix is a national university that has a North Florida campus in Jacksonville.  They offer online internet courses and diplomas as well as on-campus classes.    Jacksonville has a very large community college.  Florida State Community College was formerly know as FCCJ, Florida Community College of Jacksonville.  They have campuses all over Jacksonville.

With so many high school and college graduates, many people will be entering the work force.  Their journeys will begin with the application process.  They will be sending in their resumes and filling out applications.  They will be going through interviews.  They will be trying to start their careers.  Some of those people will face an obstacle.  They may have a Florida criminal background.  This could cause a potential employer to pick another candidate for the position.  The job market is competitive.  A criminal record could cause you to not be hired or loose your job.

I have had several people come to my Jacksonville law office that want to seal or expunge their Florida criminal records.  Most of them wait until they are applying for jobs to do this.  You should not wait to fix your record for a background check.  It does not happen over night.  It is a long process.  It takes months to expunge or seal your record.  Expunging the record has an extra step.  It takes a week or two longer than sealing a criminal record.  Otherwise, sealing and expunging a record are very similar.  You may have a Jacksonville juvenile delinquent record.  You may have an adult record.  It does not matter if you were arrested for a Jacksonville juvenile criminal charge or an adult crime.  The process is very similar to expunge or seal the record.

You do not want to wait until graduation to seal or expunge your Florida record.  In my experience, you should start the process a year before you go through the interview and application process.  That way if there is a delay with your Florida criminal record seal or expunction, it will not negatively affect you.

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