Jacksonville Juvenile Attorneys Take on Brunswick Baby Shooting

A court case has two parties.  In civil cases, there is a Jacksonville lawyer that represents the plaintiff and an attorney that represents the defendant.  In Jacksonville restraining order cases, a Jacksonville domestic violence lawyer represents the petitioner and one represents the respondent.  At the end of the case, one party wins and the other looses.  With a criminal case, the Duval County State Attorneys Office represents the State of Florida.  Jacksonville criminal attorneys represent the accused.  There are no winners in a criminal case.  This is especially true for Jacksonville juvenile delinquent cases.  It is very sad to see a child accused of a horrible crime.  Your heartbreaks for the people affected by the crime and the injured.  Your heart breaks for the accused child that has lost his or her life as well.

Last Friday, there were reports all over the national news about a shooting in Brunswick GA.  We heard reports about a baby that was shot and killed by two boys.  Police searched for the boys. Dominique Lane and De’Marquise Elkins were arrested for the shooting death of a 13 month old baby.  The Florida Times Union reported on the boys arraignment that occurred this morning.  The Jacksonville.com article stated:

“A scared looking Dominique Lang, 14, appeared before Glynn County Magistrate Tim Barton Monday morning for an initial appearance on a murder charge in Thursday’s shooting death of a 13-month-old boy.  Lang is charged with De’Marquise Kareem Elkins, 17, with murder in the fatal shooting of Antonio Angel Santiago as the child sat in a stroller pushed by his mother, Sherry West, about 9:15 a.m. West was shot in the right thigh after another pistol round intended for her head grazed her right ear, she said last week.”

According to the article, the magistrate informed Lang that he was being charged with murder.  This is a felony crime.  He was not given a bond amount.

The articles stated that “only Superior Court judges can set bail in murder cases, and Barton told Lang he would file paperwork immediately advising the judges that Lang was in detention.”  The judge also stated that he would request an attorney for Land.  He cannot use the public defenders office due to a conflict. “The lawyer will not be from the Public Defender’s Office because it is representing Elkins, Circuit Public Defender Kevin Gough said Monday morning.”

The boys will likely be charged as adults due to the type of crime that they are charged with.  This case makes me think of a Jacksonville juvenile crime that will be going to trial in Duval County this summer.  Christian Fernandez was charged with murder as an adult in Duval County.  He was only twelve years old. I have written a few articles about the Fernandez case.  Here is one on the Jacksonville lawyers blog titled Jacksonville Juvenile Lawyer About Christian Fernandez Criminal Case.  I also have a few articles on this Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys blog page about the Fernandez juvenile criminal case.  Read Jacksonville Juvenile Criminal Lawyers Fight In Fernandez Murder Case.

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