Duval County Juvenile Criminal Felony Battery Charges For School Fight

Children will get in trouble.  They may be arrested, but we cannot "Beware of the Children."  We must help them.

Kids will get in trouble. They may be arrested, but we cannot “Beware of the Children.” We must help them.

As a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney and Jacksonville juvenile lawyer, I have represented children accused of fighting at their schools.  If your child is gets into a fight at school, the school may call the police.  Your child could be charged as a Jacksonville juvenile delinquent.  Your child may be charged with simple battery or aggravated battery.  This will depend on the injuries.  It may also depend on whether or not your child was accused of using a deadly weapon or a gun.  Jacksonville simple battery is a misdemeanor crime.  Jacksonville aggravated battery is a felony.  Your child could be charged with Jacksonville affray.  Affray is also referred to as fighting.

I think that most Jacksonville lawyers will tell you that school fights are usually misdemeanors.  The children that are fighting are usually split up quickly.  They are taken to the principal’s office.  The school resource officer may question the children.  The school notifies the parents and may call the police.  If the fight gets out of control, one or more children could be leaving in an ambulance.  This is when the charges get very serious.

A student at Oceanway Middle School was arrested for Jacksonville felony battery.  Oceanway Middle School is located at 143 Oceanway Ave.
 Jacksonville, FL 32218.  The fight did not occur on school campus.  It took place at a convenience store near the Duval County middle school.

The fight started over Facebook drama.  Aria Jewett is the 14-year-old girl that is listed as the victim of the crime.  Jewett stated that the girl that was arrested for felony battery was once her close friend.  The fight occurred over “some name calling on Facebook and confusion about who said what.” Jewett told a reporter:

“I walked into the store and I didn’t buy anything because she said she was going to buy something and I walked out and [the suspect] said, ‘What have you been saying about me?’. I was like, ‘Nothing’, they already had all their phones out so I know she wanted to fight.  She’s like I’m going to beat you up, well she said it in harsher terms and I was like no, I’m not fighting and I tried to walk away…. I saw her following so I kind of trotted then she hit my head on a wall and I don’t remember anything after that.” (First Coast News of Jax FL)

First Coast News further stated that Jewett “had a basal skull fracture, severe concussion, mild abrasion and contusion to the head.”  This statement is based on police reports.

It is hard for parents to imagine that something like this could happen to their children.  It is difficult if your child is the victim of a Jacksonville assault or battery.  It is confusing and scary if your child is the Jacksonville juvenile arrested for a crime.  If your child has been accused of a crime, it is critical to talk to a Jacksonville criminal lawyer about the case.  When your child is sick, you take him or her to the doctor.  When your child has legal trouble, you visit a Jacksonville criminal attorney for help.  Call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 to speak with a Duval County attorney with juvenile defense experience.

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