Orange Park FL Criminal Attorney on Theft Crimes

Clay County FL Attorney

Stealing first base isn’t a crime, but taking another person’s property is.

Theft crimes can range from minor crime to more major criminal charges.  A Jacksonville FL petty theft charge is a misdemeanor offense.  Petty theft can be a first-degree misdemeanor or a second-degree misdemeanor depending on the value of the property taken.  If the property is valued at $300 or more, this is Jacksonville FL grand theft.  Grand theft is a felony.  As a felony, you could become a convicted felon and lose certain rights.  Even worse, grand theft can result in a prison sentence.

Whether you are convicted with petty theft or grand theft, your drivers license could be suspended.  This is true even though stealing has nothing to do with your Florida drivers license.  Read Jacksonville Drivers License Suspended for Theft for more information about a Florida drivers license suspension based on theft.

Florida theft crimes include more than petty theft and grand theft.  Jacksonville burglary often includes some kind of theft element.  When someone is charged with burglary, they are usually accused of stealing property from a house or conveyance.  Jacksonville dealing is stolen property is also a theft-related crime.  As a Jacksonville criminal attorney, I find that most dealing in stolen property charges are accompanied by grand theft or burglary charges.

If you are under investigation or charged with theft, contact 20 Miles Law to talk to a Clay County attorney about your case.  You are not alone.  A Florida attorney can help you.  While you may feel embarrassed, there are other people with the same problem.  Call 904-564-2525 to talk to a Clay County lawyer about your situation.  The Florida Times Union publishes a report of recent Clay County theft crimes.  This includes Orange Park and Green Cove Springs.  Here is the report, but you may also visit for the entire article and other information about local crimes.

On February 13, 2013:

  1. “An unsecured bicycle was stolen from the front porch of a residence on Edson Drive, Orange Park.”
  2. “A bank deposit bag that was unknowingly dropped was stolen from the parking lot of Subway on Blanding Boulevard, Orange Park. The bag contained the store’s daily deposit.”
  3. “An unattended wallet was stolen from Panera Bread on County Road 220 on Fleming Island, Orange Park.”
  4. “An unattended and unsecured blue Ford New Holland TB100 tractor was stolen from the side of the road on Bluejay Drive, Middleburg.”
  5. “A cell phone was stolen from an unlocked cabinet in a room at Everest University on Wells Road, Orange Park.”

On February 14, 2013:

  1. “A vehicle was stolen from the driveway of a residence on Kiowa Avenue, Orange Park.”
  2. “A locked bicycle was stolen from the bike rack at Ridgeview High School on Madison Avenue, Orange Park. The lock was found on the ground where the bicycle was parked.”
  3. “An unlocked trailer containing two dirt bikes, a plastic 55-gallon drum, a portable gas grill, boxes of camping equipment, two tents, a Jaguars sunshade and dirt bike riding equipment was stolen from a parking area in an apartment complex on Knight Boxx Road, Middleburg.”
  4. “A Toshiba laptop computer, 10 Xbox games, medications and cash were stolen from a residence in an apartment complex on College Drive, Orange Park. Entry was made by forcing the front door.”
  5. “Purses were stolen from two vehicles that were burglarized in the parking lot of the YMCA on Moody Avenue, Orange Park. Passenger side windows were broken out on both vehicles.”
  6. “Both rear tires were slashed, and the soft top was slashed in several places on a vehicle at a residence on Tower Oaks Drive, OakLeaf.”
  7. “The rear windshield was completely shattered and the metal frame that holds the glass in place was pried from the frame of a vehicle at a residence on Horseshoe Trail Drive, OakLeaf.”
  8. “The rear window was broken on a vehicle driving on Widgeon Court, Middleburg.”
  9. “The tailgate was damaged on a truck at a residence on Nassau Court, Fleming Island.”

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