Jacksonville Florida Shoplifting Charges For College Students

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I have represented people charged with many different types of crimes.  In some cases, people were charged with misdemeanors like Florida assault or Jacksonville domestic battery.  In other cases, they were facing felony charges ranging from Florida burglary to Jacksonville possession of cocaine.  I have represented children in Jacksonville juvenile criminal courts and grand parents in adult court.  There is no age limit for an arrest, but there are crimes that seem to be more popular with teens and young adults.

It should not be a surprise that Jacksonville possession of alcohol by a minor is common for college students and some high school children.  Teenagers maybe offered alcoholic drinks at parties by their friends.  The same is true for illegal drug use.  Florida possession of marijuana charges and Jacksonville possession of paraphernalia are popular for many young adults and juveniles.  While these may be misdemeanor crimes, they are Florida drug charges and should be taken seriously.

In my career as a Jacksonville criminal attorney, I have helped many children and college students with shoplifting cases.  Some were arrested for Jacksonville grand theft for stealing from a store at the mall.  In other cases, a police officer gave them a notice to appear ticket for Jacksonville petit theft.  When it comes to juvenile theft cases, it is easier to a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer to work with the parents, because the mother or father is aware of the situation.  With juvenile criminal cases, the police officers notify the parents.  This is not the case for college students.  Your child is considered an adult if he or she is over 17-years-old.  Although your child may legally be considered an adult, he or she is still developing mentally and emotionally.  Your son or daughter may be scared to tell you about the arrest or theft charge.

Florida Teenager Criminal Lawyer

Shoplifting charges? Who is going to help your daughter?

When college students are scared to tell their parents about their arrest, they often deal with the problem alone.  Not many students can afford to hire a lawyer to defend them.  They may be too ashamed to even call a Florida criminal attorney for help.  They end up going to court alone and pleading guilty or no contest to the crime.  They pay the court costs and believe that they can put the shoplifting charge behind them.  They find out years later that the theft charges are still on their criminal records.  They may learn this when a potential employer runs a Florida criminal background check.  They may find out when they are trying to get into graduate school.  It does not seem fair that they need to suffer for something that they did when they were so young.

If your child has been arrested while living away at school, he or she may be embarrassed to tell you.  It is a natural reaction to get mad, but you should be glad if your child came to you for help.  Feel free to contact a Jacksonville lawyer at 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 with questions about your child’s case.  In some cases, you may be able to seal or expunge the FL criminal record.




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