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I was working on a Jacksonville habitual traffic offender case today.  I was contacting other counties in Florida to check on the status of cases.  After reviewing the FL driving record, I was unsure of what actually happened with a Florida suspend drivers license case.  I was trying to help someone get his drivers license back after being declared HTO or a habitual traffic offender.  In order to do this, I needed to know everything that was on the driving record.  In particular, I needed to know how many driving on a suspended or revoked license charges were on the record.  In most cases, people do not know what their driving records look like.  This is understandable.  Most people pay their Jacksonville traffic tickets and do not worry about their driving records.  You would think that if you pay your ticket on time, everything would be taken care of.  This is not true.

The way that you dispose of a driving on a suspended or revoked case will affect your driving record.  It could cause your drivers license to be suspended or revoke.  If you have 3 driving on a suspended or revoked license convictions within 5 years, you will become a habitual traffic offender.  This will cause your drivers license to be suspended for five years.  Can you go without a valid Florida license for five years?  Will you be able to stop driving for even one year?  The answer is “Probably not.”  That is why it is so important to talk to a Jacksonville lawyer about your driving record.  When you receive a Florida speeding ticket or traffic citation, you need to be careful about paying the ticket without talking to an attorney first.  You may receive too many points.  This could cause your license to be suspended.

The same is true for suspended drivers license citations that are also criminal charges.  If you drive while your license is suspended or revoked with knowledge of the suspension, this is a crime.  There are other driving charges that are crimes.  Jacksonville reckless driving and driving without a valid license are also criminal charges.  Those two criminal traffic charges will not count against you as one of the three habitual traffic offender qualifying offenses.  It seems confusing when you are trying to figure out which tickets will and will not make you a habitual traffic offender.  This is why you should not take traffic tickets lightly.  If you have a criminal traffic citation, you want to talk to a Jacksonville criminal lawyer.  If you have a civil ticket, a Florida drivers license attorney can help you.

You may be ticketed for a variety of reasons.  Just because you receive a citation, it does not mean that the case is minor.  A criminal citation is known as a notice to appear.  You may be issued a notice to appear for Jacksonville petit theft.  Police officers often give a notice to appear for Jacksonville leaving the scene of an accident charges.  I have also had many clients that were ticketed for possession of cannabis in Florida.  As I stated above, a ticket can be a criminal charge.  How do you know if it is a criminal charge?  Read Is a Jacksonville Driving on Suspended License Ticket a Crime? for more information on civil tickets versus criminal citations.

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