What To Do When Your Child is Arrested in Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer for Arrest

Was your child arrested in Jacksonville? Get help.

Was your son arrested in the St. Johns Town Center for Jacksonville grand theft?  Was you daughter arrested at Fletcher High School for Jacksonville affray or fighting?  Is your son is the Duval County Jail for Jacksonville drug charges, such as Florida possession of cocaine?  Are you worried about your child being labeled a Jacksonville juvenile delinquent?  Whether your child is a kid or an adult, facing criminal charges is scary.  Whether your child needs a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer or a Duval County criminal attorney, he or she needs help from someone with experience.

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I know that people are perplexed when they are arrested.  They do not know what to do.  It is just as bad for the parents of someone that has been arrested.  You feel somewhat helpless.  Here are some things that may help guide you:

  1. Get Information About the Jacksonville Arrest:  You child may call you from the Duval County Jail.  He or she may be upset or hysterical.  Stay calm.  You are able to find basic information about the arrest on website for the Duval County Sheriff’s Office.  The website to run an inmate search is http://inmatesearch.jaxsheriff.org/.  This only works for adults that have been arrested.  It is not for Jacksonville juvenile arrests.
  2. Watch What You Say Over the Telephone:  Do not talk about your son or daughter’s case over the telephone phone or at the jail.  Your conversations are recorded.  It is natural to want to know about the facts of your child’s case, but wait.  You could discuss something that a Jacksonville criminal lawyer cannot fix later on.
  3. Call a Duval County Lawyer:  It is important to have someone that knows the law and has experience.  Your son or daughter needs special attention.  Call 20 Miles Law at 904-564-2525 to talk to a Duval County attorney about your situation.
  4. Get Out of Jail:  No one wants to be in jail.  It is not the best environment for people.  In order to get out of jail, your child must post a bond or be released on his or her own recognizance, which is a no money bond.  Your child’s Jacksonville criminal lawyer may argue for a reduced bond and can help your child be released for custody.
  5. Build a Defense:  The best defense is a good offense, so you should start early.  Your Florida criminal defense attorney will be able to look at the evidence, investigate the case, and research the law in order to defend your child properly.
  6. Get Help:  If you child has a drug or alcohol problem, get help.  Talk to your son or daughter about enrolling in a rehabilitation program or attending AA meetings.  If there is an emotional or mental health concern, see a specialist.  Your child should receive counseling to avoid problems in the future.  If he or she does not get the help that is needed, things could get much worse.
  7. Continue with Normal Life:  You should not dwell on the criminal case.  Your child should not fall into despair.  Let the attorney worry about the case. Continue going to school, working, and focusing on the family.  Your child needs your love and support, right now.  If your child is in school or working, he or she is not getting in trouble.  Get involved in family events, such as cook-outs and sports.
  8. Keep in Touch:  In a criminal case, your son or daughter must keep in touch with his or her lawyer.  Answer telephone calls and emails promptly.  There are documents and information that Jacksonville lawyers need from their clients in order to build a defense.

If you need help with a criminal case, call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525.

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