Florida Firearm Laws and Obama’s Gun Control Proposal

Florida Gun Laws

Florida Governor Rick Scott

To many Americans, gun laws are important.  There have been protests against Obama’s proposed gun laws.  Gun control advocates have petition for anti-gun laws and reform for firearm laws.  In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, there are people that feel passionately about stricter gun laws.  It seems as though mass shootings have increased, and people want to feel safe.  On the other hand, there are many people that strongly support their second amendment right to bear arms.  When people distrust the government, they are less likely to sacrifice their weapons.  Those people feel less safe and violated if they no longer have access to firearms.

On my Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers blog, I wrote an article about Jacksonville’ mayor and the gun law controversy.  Basically, Mayor Alvin Brown wants to focus on education and jobs, so people do not misuse guns in the first place.  Read Jacksonville Florida Gun Laws Are Not the Problem  for more information.

Compared to other states, Florida’s gun laws are less restrictive.  As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, there are certain issues and crimes that I see involving firearms.  For instance, Jacksonville aggravated assault with a firearm and Jacksonville carrying a concealed firearm are felony crimes that often arise in Florida.  There have also been several Jacksonville self defense cases that have involved firearms.  As a Jacksonville lawyer, I have had clients that had problems acquiring a firearm due to a Jacksonville restraining order or Jacksonville domestic battery charge.  If new firearms laws are enacted, we will have new gun crimes.  This could be due to state or federal laws.

Florida’s governor is weighing in on President Obama’s Gun Law ProposalGovernor Rick Scott does not plan on proposing any changes to Florida gun laws. The Florida Times Union reported:

“Scott had repeatedly declined to say whether he supported any changes to gun laws since the Newtown, Conn., school shooting last month…. ‘Gov. Scott supports the second amendment,’ a statement sent by Scott’s press secretary, Jackie Schutz, said. ‘He will listen to ideas about improving school safety during the legislative session, but he continues to support the second amendment and is not proposing any gun law changes.’ Scott said several times after the Connecticut shooting led to calls for changes in gun laws that he wasn’t really ready to talk about what the full response should be, saying there should be a period of being respectful for victims before talking about how to respond to the tragedy.  Shortly after the shooting he did call for the state’s school systems to review their security procedures, and has said since that he wants the schools to be as safe as possible.”  (Jacksonville.com)

Florida’s law makers have been talking about the safety of our schools.  Funding for armed police at Florida’s schools was among the subjects discussed. “The discussion so far at that level has focused on school safety measures, and not broader laws dealing with firearms, unlike at the national level, where the issue of gun laws has dominated the post-Newtown discussion.”

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