Fixing your Suspended Florida Drivers License After Moving Away

Help for FL Suspended License

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If you were having trouble getting your Jacksonville suspended drivers license reinstated, you would probably call a Duval County lawyer for help.  It makes sense that if you want a drivers license in Duval County FL, you should talk to a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer.  What if you are trying to get a drivers license in another state?  You should probably talk to an attorney in that state for help from a lawyer.  What if your driver’s license is suspended due to Jacksonville traffic tickets?  You lived in Duval County, but you moved away.  Now, you are trying to get your drivers license, but you cannot due to your Jacksonville Florida tickets.  A Jacksonville drivers license lawyer can help you with this.  Florida speeding tickets will cause problems on your driver record.  A lawyer in Jacksonville will likely be able to take care of your ticket without you needing to appear in court.  Call 20 Miles Law for help at 904-564-2525.

What if you were issued a notice to appear for Jacksonville driving on a suspended license with knowledge of the suspension?  What if you were given a ticket for Jacksonville reckless driving?  These are Florida traffic citations that are also criminal charges.  For example, a Florida hit and run case is called leaving the scene of an accident.  Even though you may be given a ticket for a hit and run, it is a crime.  It should be taken seriously.  If you are given a notice to appear citation, you need to set a court date.  If you hire a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, she may set a court date for you.  Often, your Jacksonville criminal attorney may go to court for you.  He or she can appear on your behalf.

What if you were given a ticket for knowingly driving on a revoke license in St. Augustine FL?  Let’s say that you never set a court date.  You moved away and there is a capias or warrant out for your arrest.  A St. Johns County lawyer at 20 Miles Law can help.  Even if you do not live in Florida anymore, you may be able to handle your ticket.  It depends on a variety of factors.  In never hurts to talk to a Florida criminal lawyer about your problem to see what can be done.

Many of us receive traffic tickets and pay them.  It seems like the best thing to do, but this is not true.  Moving infractions will put points on your license.  If you only pay the ticket, you will get the points.  Your license can be suspended if you have too many points on your driving record.  In Florida, if you receive 3 driving on a suspended license convictions within 5 years, you will be labeled a Florida habitual traffic offender.  There are other driving charges with will cause you to be a habitual traffic offender (See My Florida Drivers License is Being Suspended as a Habitual Traffic Offender in Jacksonville).  If you are a habitual traffic offender, your license is suspended for five years.  If you have moved to another state, you may still need to resolve this problem.  Check with the department of motor vehicles in your state.  If you do need to take care of your habitual traffic offender problem, contact 20 Miles Law to talk to a Jacksonville lawyer.

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