Clay County Criminal Lawyers for New Years Eve Arrests

Clay County Resisting Officer

Two men were arrested on New Year’s Eve for running from Clay County Police.

Two men will need Clay County lawyers to fight their cases after being arrested for a high-speed case on New Year’s Eve. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office reported that deputies tried to speak with Devon Proctor.  He is driver of the vehicle involved in the chase.  They wanted to talk to him about an equipment violation, but he drove away.  The Clay County police officers chased after the vehicle. This “high-speed chase that began in Orange Park ended in Green Cove Springs Monday night.”

Lt. Coldiron with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office stated that “Proctor tried to run his vehicle into an officer’s police cruiser.”  After that, “he jumped out of the vehicle and ran off.”  The police officers chased him.  They also chased about Theodore Brown.  Both men were arrested and taken to the Clay County jail.

First Coast News of Jax reported, “Brown was arrested and charged with resisting arrest.”  When it comes to a Jacksonville resisting an officer charge, it can be with or without violence.  If a person is arrested for resisting a law enforcement officer with violence, it is a felony.  Resisting a law enforcement officer without violence is a misdemeanor.  I am assuming that Brown was arrested for resisting an officer without violence, because nothing in the article mentioned violence.  Instead, the article only stated that he was running from police, which is non-violent.

As for Proctor, his charges are more severe.  He was charged with Florida aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.  He also picked up a Florida possession of cocaine charge.  This Florida drug charge is a felony.  According to Clay County police, Proctor threw crack cocaine out of his car during the chase.  The crack cocaine ended up on the deputy’s car and on the road.  Due to the chase, Proctor was charged with Florida fleeing and attempting to elude a law enforcement officer.  The aggravated assault, possession of crack cocaine, and fleeing and eluding charges are all felonies.  He was also accused of driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license.  This may be a civil Florida ticket or a criminal charge.  If he is a Florida habitual traffic offender, it may be a felony crime.  Proctor also “had two outstanding warrants out of Clay County and one outstanding warrant in Baker County.”  There were 4 police in the vehicle.  While Proctor and Brown were arrested, the other 2 passengers were released.

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I can understand why Proctor may have run from the police.  He had outstanding warrants.  He was scared of the police running his information and finding the warrants.  He also had a suspended Florida drivers license.  I have seen people charged with Jacksonville leaving the scene of an accident, because they were afraid of being arrested for Jacksonville driving on a suspended or revoked license charges.  This usually makes things worse.

If you have been arrested in Duval, Clay, Nassau, or St. Johns County, talk to a Jacksonville criminal attorney about your case.  Call (904) 564-2525 for help from a lawyer in Jacksonville.

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