St. Johns County Criminal Lawyer Needed for More than FL Speeding Ticket

Kenneth Leonard Johnson was driving 115 mph in St. Johns County FL. Traveling that fast will certainly lead to an expensive Florida speeding ticketJacksonville speeding tickets and unlawful speed citations in Florida usually do not require a mandatory court appearance.  A mandatory court appearance is required in Florida if the driver is traveling 30 mph or more over the speed limit.  Johnson has more to worry about than a mandatory court appearance.  He is facing criminal charges.  He should get help from a St. Johns County lawyer before he goes to court for his arraignment.

St Johns County Criminal Lawyer

St Johns County car accident put man in hospital and leads to FL criminal charges.

The Florida Times Union reported the story in an article, “St. Johns man with 1-year-old in car crashes while speeding, authorities said.”  The article stated, “investigators said Johnson was northbound on 305 in Elkton when a deputy saw the Honda and clocked its speed.”  The St. Johns County deputy followed him and witnessed the crash.  Johnson crashed into “a telephone pole on County Road 305 about 11 p.m. just north of County Road 13.  A St. Johns County deputy clocked the Honda Civic at 115 mph before Johnson lost control, according to the Sheriff’s Office.”  After the crash, the car caught on fire.  His daughter was in the car during the crash.  She is only 1-year-old.  The child “was not injured and was released to a family member.”

The Florida Highway Patrol stated that Johnson was wearing his seatbelt.  He still suffered serious injuries from the car accident.  He went to the Orange Park Medical Center for treatment.  He will be facing criminal charges in St. Johns County for culpable negligence for endangering the child.  He was also cited for Florida reckless drivingReckless driving is more than just a Florida traffic ticket.  It is a misdemeanor criminal charge.  It is also a moving violation that will put points on a Florida driving record.

Johnson will need to talk to a Florida criminal lawyer about his case.  He needs to get a copy of the accident report and discuss the circumstances surrounding the crash.  He may also be subject to an investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services.  The Department of Children and Family Services is also known as DCF.  When it comes to Florida child abuse or neglect allegations, they investigate the circumstances.  Due to the child endangerment allegations, Johnson will likely get a call from DCF.  A Florida family attorney may be able to help him with this.  He wants to be careful not to make statements to DCF that can be used against him in his St. Johns County criminal case.

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