Police Officer Pleads No Contest to Jacksonville Solicitation of Prostitution

Prostitution occurs all over the State of Florida.  Arrests for solicitation of prostitution are made in Clay County.  People plead no contest to Jacksonville engaging in prostitution in Duval County.  People plead guilty to Jacksonville soliciting prostitution in St. Johns County.  The Jacksonville Florida Prostitution Law is FS 796.07.  Usually, a prostitution arrest is a misdemeanor arrest.  In some prostitution cases, it can be a felony.  If you pleaded guilty or no contest to prostitution, that charge is still on your record.  Even if your charges were dropped, your criminal background will show that you were arrested for prostitution in Jacksonville or Northeast Florida.  If the charges were dropped, you will want to expunge your Florida criminal record.  If the judge withheld adjudication, you were not convicted of solicitation of prostitution.  You may be able to seal your Florida record.  Call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 to see if you are eligible to expunge or seal your Florida record.  You may be able to clear your Florida record.  You may also click on Can I Seal My Florida Criminal Record or Can I Expunge My Florida Criminal Record?  Contact a Jacksonville lawyer with any questions (Contact a Lawyer).

A Jacksonville police officer will likely want to seal his criminal record after he finishes his probation sentence.  Based upon the fact that he was convicted of soliciting for prostitution, he will likely not be able to seal his record.

The Florida Times Union reported, “A former Jacksonville Sheriff’s officer entered a plea to solicitation of a prostitute charges and will spend the next four months on probation. While on probation, 49-year-old David Sumlin will also have to do 100 hours of community service.” He was sentenced to two days in the Duval County Jail, which is time-served.  While the Florida Times Union article reported that he was sentenced to 100 hours community service, the Duval County Clerk of Court’s website states that he only has 25 hours of community service.  This may be a mistake in the news article or on the website.  He may be able to petition the court for early termination of his Jacksonville probation sentence.

It appears that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office knew about the prostitution allegations and conducted their own investigation.  “According to a JSO police report, the JSO Integrity Unit learned in September that Sumlin was paying prostitutes for sex.”  Detectives decided to use a CI for this operation.  A CI is a confidential informant.  In this case, the CI was a prostitute.  The prostitute recorded “a conversation with Sumlin in which he expressed interest in paying her for sex acts and even haggled with her over her pricing for those acts.”  Sumlin was arrested on November 20, 2012. He “resigned after eight years at JSO, citing personal reasons.”


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