Jacksonville Traffic Court Will Move to Duval County Court House

Jacksonville Traffic Ticket

Do you need to set a court date for a Jacksonville Ticket? You will be going to the new Duval County Courthouse.

I have been Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer in Duval County for years.  It seems only natural to go to traffic court at 3470 Beach Boulevard.  Duval County traffic court has been on Beach Boulevard for the past 25 years.  Later this month, we will no longer have traffic court at this location.  On December 26, 2012, the Duval County traffic court will now be held in the courthouse.  The address is located at 501 West Adams Street.  This is the new courthouse, which is located downtown. The new Duval County courthouse handles almost all types of cases.  These cases range from Jacksonville divorces to Jacksonville foreclosures.  As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I have represented people for misdemeanors and felonies.  Now, Jacksonville traffic tickets will be in the same building.  Criminal tickets are also handled at this Beach Boulevard location, but they will also be transferred to the new courthouse.  A criminal ticket is known as Notice to Appear.  It is given in lieu of an arrest in Florida.  It is used for minor crimes.  You may receive a notice to appear for a Jacksonville petit theft or Jacksonville possession of cannabis charge.  If you have received a notice to appear, you must set a court date with the Duval County Traffic Court.  Your Jacksonville criminal lawyer may be able to set the court date for you.

The Duval County Traffic Clerk of Court’s “office will be located in the Eastside Lobby on the 1st floor. Office Hours will be 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.”  Today, I received my first court date notice for a Florida speeding ticket hearing in the new courthouse.  The hearing is scheduled on the 4th floor, but I do not know if all hearings will be on the fourth floor.  Be sure to check your hearing notice or ask your Jacksonville lawyer about your hearing location.  If you do hire a Duval County attorney from 20 Miles Law for your ticket, you may not need to go to court.   Call (904) 564-2525 to talk to a Jacksonville lawyer.

The reason for the move is due to money.  The courthouse cost taxpayers approximately $350 million.  “The rented space on the 3400 block of Beach Boulevard cost about $644,000 during the last year and utility costs were about $69,000.”  The move was intended to save taxpayers’ money.  “The City Council Finance Committee recommended the move as a cost-saving measure.  A lease at the Beach Boulevard facility requires the city to pay about $325,000 to the landlord for improvements, so the full savings won’t begin until 2014.”  (Jacksonville.com)

Jim Fuller, the Duval County Clerk of Courts, stated “The service shouldn’t be any different after the move…. It’ll be the same at the new courthouse as it was on Beach Boulevard.”  This is good to know, because the courthouse staff in traffic court is excellent.  I am concerned that the move to the new courthouse may cause people to miss court dates in Duval County traffic court.

If you need help with a Jacksonville traffic ticket or criminal case, call a Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer at (904) 564-2525.

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