Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence on New Years Eve

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Was your son arrested in St. Johns County for driving under the influence of alcohol on New Years Eve?  Was you daughter arrested at a party in Duval County for Jacksonville possession of alcohol by a minor.  Did your teenager use a fake or false ID to go to a nightclub or bar in Clay County FL?  Regardless of the crime, your child needs to understand that he or she is not alone.  At 20 Miles Law, a Jacksonville lawyer that has experience with Jacksonville juvenile crimes and adult cases can help your family.  Your high school student is not an adult.  Your college student is still learning life’s lessons.  They need help.  It is not unusual for a teenager to be arrested for a crime.  In fact, driving under the influence of alcohol occurs often during New Years Eve.

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I have seen all types driving under the influence arrests.  I have represented people charged with Jacksonville DUI based on marijuana and controlled substances.  In some cases, those DUI cases included counts for Jacksonville possession of cannabis and Florida possession of a controlled substance.  I have had clients charged with driving under the influence while on a bicycle.  I have helped clients fight Jacksonville leaving the scene of an accident charges that involved DUI allegations.  I have also helped clients with Jacksonville DUI with serious bodily injury cases.  Florida driving under the influence crimes are often referred to as DUI and DWI.  A driving under the influence charge can be a misdemeanor or felony crime.  Jacksonville DUI cases are usually misdemeanors.  Driving under the influence while impaired by alcohol or drugs can be a felony.  It is a felony if you have 2 prior DUI convictions and you are arrested for a third DUI.  A Jacksonville DUI or DWI case can be a felony if the injuries are serious or someone dies.

I was reading an article that was written about a year ago and posted on www.9news.com.  It stated, “One out of 10 teen drivers say they have driven while drunk on New Year’s Eve according to a new survey. It’s the worst holiday night of the year for driving after drinking, they say. The Fourth of July was in second place.”

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company took a survey of over 2,000 high school students.  They were 11th and 12th graders.  The survey showed 94 percent of teen drivers said that they would not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol if a passenger asked them not to do it.  Eighty-seven percent of the students stated “they would ask a peer to stop driving after drinking. That’s more than marijuana, which was 72 percent.”

If your son or daughter is arrested for driving under the influence, call a Jacksonville criminal lawyer with experience.  You can talk to a Jacksonville criminal attorney by calling (904) 564-2525.  The consultation is free.  For your convenience, the free consultation can often be done right over the telephone.

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