Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Pleads Not Guilty in Duval County Shooting

Florida Murder Self Defense Shooting

Dunn’s FL lawyer pleads not guilty to Jacksonville gas station shooting.

Michael Dunn was arrested over 3 weeks ago for “the first-degree murder of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.”  (Defendant in Jacksonville teen’s shooting death pleads not guilty).  His arrangement occurred this morning at the Duval County Court House.  The Duval County Office of the State Attorney filed an indictment with 5 counts.  He has been charged with one count of Florida murder in the first degree.  He has been charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder and one count of shooting or throwing deadly missiles.  He entered a plea of not guilty to the Florida criminal charges.

The Duval County judge presiding over his case was Judge Brad Stetson.  Jacksonville.com further reported on Dunn’s court appearance:

“This was Dunn’s first appearance in a Duval County courtroom, after he waived his initial appearance on Nov. 27 following his arrest. Davis’ parents, Ron Davis and Lucia McBath, were in the courtroom during Monday’s hearing. Dunn didn’t say a word during his brief appearance….”

It is not usual that Dunn did not say anything at his court date.  Normally, when a person enters a plea of not guilty, he or she does this through his or her Jacksonville criminal lawyerJacksonville criminal attorneys will usually enter the not guilty plea on behalf of the client.  It does not matter if the defendant is charged with Jacksonville grand theft or Jacksonville domestic battery.  Unless a client is representing himself, the Jacksonville criminal defense attorney will be the one entering the plea.

Dunn’s case has been passed to February 6 for a pretrial hearing. Like most criminal cases, Dunn will have other pretrial court dates before his case is set for a jury trial.  There will likely be hearings scheduled as well.  He will probably argue that he acted in self defense in Jacksonville.  Based upon reports and speculation, I would not be surprised if he claims self defense under the Florida Stand Your Ground Law.  This law may apply to anything from Jacksonville aggravated assault to murder charges.  It also applies to Florida gun charges.

Dunn has a right to a speedy trial under Florida’s speedy trial rules.  He must be tried within 175 days of his arrest.  This is very important considering that Dunn is in custody.  He will probably not want to waive his right to a speedy trial, since he is sitting in jail.  When a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney has a case that needs to go to trial within the 175 day limit for a speedy trial, he or she must move fast.  A lot must be done between the arrest and trial date.  This includes conducting discovery, talking to witnesses, investigating the case, and possibility hiring expert witnesses.  Jacksonville criminal lawyers will also take depositions in felony cases.  Since Dunn is in jail, we should see this FL murder case move fairly quickly.

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