How Do I Expunge or Seal My Florida Record If I Was Convicted

Seal FL Record

You have worked hard in school. Will you criminal record hurt you?

Do you want to seal a Jacksonville Grand Theft charge in Duval County? Did you complete drug court in Clay County? Now, you want to expunge your Florida possession of a controlled substance arrest. Were you arrested for Florida simple battery or Florida assault in St. Johns County? Were you convicted or was the adjudication withheld? Do you want to know if you can erase this crime from a Florida background check?

If you want to clear your record in Florida, you cannot have ANY criminal convictions. You cannot be adjudicated guilty of a crime. A withhold of adjudication is not the same thing as an adjudication of guilt or a conviction. There are certain Jacksonville traffic tickets that are misdemeanor charges. This can range from Jacksonville driving on a suspended license to Jacksonville reckless driving. Jacksonville leaving the scene of an accident and Florida possession of alcohol by a minor are also common citations that are crimes. If you were convicted of one of these criminal charges, it could prevent you from being able to seal or expunge your record. Talk to a Jacksonville criminal lawyer about this by calling (904) 564-2525 or by sending an email (Find a Lawyer).

Do you want to know, “Can I Expunge my Florida Criminal Record?” You must meet legal requirements to expunge a Florida criminal record. Florida’s record expunging law is Florida Statute 943.0585. This criminal procedure has the following requirements:

1. Your charges were dropped or dismissed.

2. You cannot have any criminal convictions or have been adjudicated delinquent.

3. You cannot have a prior record seal or expunction. There are exceptions. You may expunge a record that has been sealed for 10 years. You may be able to expunge your record, even if you have a Jacksonville juvenile criminal record expunction (Read Expunge a Jacksonville Florida Juvenile Delinquent Record).

4. You cannot have another petition to seal or expunge pending in another court.

If you cannot expunge your Florida criminal record, you may be able to seal it (Can I Seal My Florida Criminal Record). To seal your Florida criminal record, you must meet requirements. The Florida record sealing law is Florida Statute Section 943.059. The legal requirements to seal your record are:

1. You received a withhold of adjudication or were found not guilty of the criminal charge that you would like to seal.

2. You did not plead guilty or no contest to one of the Crimes that Cannot Be Sealed in Florida.

3. You cannot have any prior criminal convictions.

4. You cannot be under supervision. This includes Jacksonville probation and parole.

5. You cannot have outstanding fees. Common fees are restitution, fines, or court costs.

6. You cannot have any other record seals or expunctions.

If you would like to erase an arrest from your background, contact a Jacksonville criminal attorney for help. Call (904) 564-2525 to talk to a lawyer in Jacksonville about your record.

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