Seal or Expunge Florida Drug Charge for Background Check

Jacksonville FL Criminal Background

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If you have been arrested in Florida, there is a record of it.  A person that pleaded guilty or no contest to Jacksonville grand theft due to a drug problem or addiction will have this drug charge on his or her record.  This criminal defendant may not be a convicted felon.  Instead, he or she may have been given a withhold of adjudication and a Jacksonville probation sentence.  The defendant will still have a criminal record that can be found if someone runs a background check.  This person may be able to seal the Florida record, because he or she was not adjudicated guilty of the crime.  There are other factors involved, so talk to a Jacksonville lawyer about sealing your Duval County criminal record.

What if you were riding in a car with a friend that had a pipe and weed (marijuana)?  A St. Johns County police officer pulls the car over in St. Augustine.  You are arrested for Florida possession of paraphernalia or possession of cannabis?   The charges are dropped.  You still have a criminal record that shows the drug arrest.  When your charges have been dropped, you may have the option of expunging your Florida criminal record.  Contact a St. Johns County attorney about this at (904) 564-2525.

Have you gone through a pre-trial diversion program in Green Cove Springs for a drug charge in Florida?  Your criminal record will reflect your original arrest.  Just because you went through a diversion program, it does not mean that your case will disappear from your Florida criminal record.  Since you successfully completed a diversion program with the Clay County State Attorney’s Office, a Clay County lawyer may be able to expunge your Florida record.  Some criminal defendants complete drug court in Florida.  Drug court is offered in Nassau, Clay, Duval, and St. Johns County.  This may result in the charges being dropped.  While the drug charges can still be found on their criminal records, it can also likely be expunged.

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, people will often ask me about old juvenile criminal arrests.  Many people believe that their records showing Jacksonville juvenile crimes will disappear on their own.  This is not true.  You may be able to erase or clear your record, even if the juvenile case is old.

If you would like to erase a crime from your Florida record, you should call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525.  There are certain requirements that you must meet.  You cannot seal certain criminal charges.  Read Crimes that Cannot Be Sealed in Florida for more information.  There is a checklist to seal or expunge your Florida record that you should go through.  Read Can I Seal My Florida Criminal Record or Can I Expunge My Florida Criminal Record.

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