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The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest drinking and party nights of the year.  It is second to New Years Eve.  It is know as “Black Wednesday” or “Blackout Wednesday” in some circles.  Jacksonville DUI lawyers know that many people will be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol tonight in Duval County, Florida.  “It’s a perfect concoction of time when relatives are in town, college students are at home and there is no work on Thursday, making it the most wonderful time of the year for imbibing.” (SunSentinel).

Jacksonville criminal lawyers are not the only people who know people will be out drinking.  Local bars and restaurants all over Florida will be preparing for patrons.  “But while bars and restaurants are busy stocking up on booze and raising patrons’ spirits before Thanksgiving, law enforcement officials also will be busy cracking down against those who tie one on and get behind the wheel.”  (SunSentinel).  The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the St. Johns County and Clay County police departments know that the holiday season will bring Jacksonville DUI charges.  They will be looking for people drinking and driving.  There are also other crimes that are common during the holidays, such as Jacksonville theft and Florida burglary crimes.

Police Chief Brett Railey leads the Florida Police Chief Association’s highway safety committee.  He said that the time period between Thanksgiving and New Years “is considered one of the most dangerous times for drunken driving accidents…. A lot of the other holidays include something you memorialize. Thanksgiving and the rest of the year are days you celebrate. That’s a concern for us because a lot of people don’t celebrate responsibly.”

Beware of DUI checkpoints in Jacksonville, the beaches, downtown, Orange Park, and St. Augustine. “The Florida Highway Patrol will be supplementing its drunken driving unit with other troopers during the holidays starting Wednesday, said agency spokesman Sgt. Mark Wysocky.”

News4jax.com wrote an interesting article about Jiffy Lube’s Recipes for the Road. It stated:

“Recipes 4 the Road is celebrating its fifteenth year. The program was developed to raise awareness of and help reduce the number of drinking and driving fatalities that occur during the holiday season.
These books are filled with delicious and original non-alcoholic recipes from sponsors and Northeast Florida restaurants along with helpful tips and facts. These recipes offer tasty alternatives for designated drivers at parties, or for you to enjoy at home with a friend or loved one.
Pick up your free copy of the 15th annual Recipes 4 the Road book at any Jacksonville or Gainesville Jiffy Lube location. For a full list of locations please visit JiffySE.com.”

These non-alcoholic recipes at local Florida bars would be a nice alternative for a designated driver.  They include non-alcoholic drink recipes for bb’s, Kingfish Grill, Latitude 30, Square One, and Havana Jax.  There are also places in Jacksonville Beach that will make non-alcoholic beverages, such as Casa Marina and Mellow Mushroom.

There are certain areas of Jacksonville that will likely be heavy with police officers.  The San Marco area has bars like the Grotto and Square One close to one another that will attract police.  The Landing in downtown Jacksonville has Mavericks, Fionn MacCools, and Chicago Pizza, which may also be populated with police officers looking for drunk drivers.  The St. Johns Town Center has several bars, such as Suite and Black Finn.  Jacksonville Beach is cluttered with bars and partygoers.  From Lynch’s Irish Pub to the Brix and the Ritz, police cars will be all over the place.

The best thing to do is take a taxi cab or have a designated driver.  If you are arrested, do not perform tests.  While you may lose your license for a longer period of time, you will not be giving the police evidence to use against you.  If you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, call a Jacksonville criminal attorney at (904) 564-2525.

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