Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Compares Florida Self Defense with Dunn and Zimmerman

Jacksonville criminal lawyers will often talk about and discuss criminal cases.  I enjoy posting information that I believe may be interesting to the public and other Duval County attorneys.  Last night, I wrote an article about the shooting that occurred in Jacksonville about a week ago.  I posted this article on my Jacksonville lawyers and attorneys website.  Here is a portion of the article entitled Southside Jacksonville Florida Shooting Murder Charges:

“Michael Dunn is the 45 year old man accused of shooting a teenager.  Last Saturday, he was arrested, because of a Jacksonville warrant.  He was in custody at the Brevard County Jail.  He was transported to the Duval County Jail.  He has been accused of the Jacksonville murder of Jordan Davis.  Davis was 17 years old.  Last Friday, this shooting occurred on the Southside of Jacksonville, Florida.  It happened on Southside Boulevard and Baymeadows Road at the Gate gas station.”

Dunn was at the gas station and stated something to a few teenagers about their music being loud.  One way or another, Dunn fired shots at the other vehicle and drove off.  He killed one of the teens.  The three other passengers were not harmed.  He then fled the scene and went back to Brevard County, where he was arrested.  Dunn is arguing that he acted in self defense during this Jacksonville shooting.

In the article, I stated that “Dunn will likely put forth a Jacksonville self defense argument.  Based on the facts so far, I believe that he will use the Florida Stand Your Ground law.  The Florida Stand Your Ground law is the self defense law has been in the news lately in the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case.”  In my head, I was thinking that this is the last thing that Florida needs.  The Florida Stand Your Ground law has come under scrutiny since the Martin/Zimmerman case.  I posted a link on the 20 Miles Law Facebook Page.  The link attracted many comments.

Some people were outraged that a Jacksonville lawyer would even consider comparing the two cases.  I am not saying that the cases are the same.  Criminal cases are never the same, because there are always different facts and variables.  There are ways to compare criminal cases based on the law.  I never claimed that the two Florida murder cases were the same.  I am merely stating that they will have very similar defenses based on the same laws.  There are also similar facts that cannot be ignored.  Continue reading Jacksonville Dunn and Davis Shooting Compared to Florida Zimmerman Case on twentymileslaw.com.  In that article, I numerically set forth some of the things that the cases have in common.  This includes Jacksonville self defense and the Florida Stand Your Ground Law.  I am also looking at Florida firearms issues, age, and race.

I am not the only one that has compared these two Florida self defense shooting cases.  The Christian Science Monitor reported:

“Florida’s landmark “stand your ground” self-defense law is again in the spotlight after the Nov. 23 shooting of an unarmed black teenager, Jordan Davis, by 40-something software developer and gun collector Michael Dunn after an argument about loud music outside a Jacksonville convenience store.  Jordan’s death is drawing comparisons to the shooting of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin in February by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, chiefly because both shooters are expected to claim immunity from prosecution under the state’s 2005 stand your ground law that ended any legal requirement for lawful citizens to back away from danger, even in public places.”

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