How Much Will It Cost to Fix My Florida Drivers License

Price of Florida Drivers License

Can I afford to hire a lawyer to fix my Florida drivers license? Call (904) 564-2525 to find out.

Is your drivers license suspended due to Florida speeding tickets in Clay County?  Did you lose your license for five years as a Florida Habitual Traffic Offender in Nassau County?  Are you trying to fix your drivers license in St. Johns County?   Were you arrested in Duval County for Jacksonville driving on a suspended or revoked license?  It is very difficult to function without a valid drivers license.  Most people need to drive to and from their jobs or schools.  Some jobs require a valid Florida drivers license.  It is hard to take care of your children without a car and a drivers license.  If your license has been suspended, you probably want to know how much it will cost to fix it.  This will depend on your driving record and the amount of outstanding Florida tickets that you have.  There are several factors that you must take into consideration:

  1. Unpaid Tickets:  When you do not pay your Florida tickets, your driver license is suspended until you pay the tickets.  You must pay your tickets.  Paying your tickets for moving violations will put points on your Florida drivers license.  Your license can be suspended if you have too many points.  This may also cause an increase in your insurance premiums.  A Florida ticket lawyer may be able to help you avoid points on your license.
  2. D6 Clearance and Late Fees:  If you did not pay your Florida traffic tickets or set a court date on time, you will be responsible for paying late fees and a D6 clearance on each ticket.  In Duval County, the late fee is $12.00 and the D6 clearance is $6.00.
  3. Case Fees to Reopen:  If you want to reopen a Jacksonville driving on a suspended case, the Duval County Clerk of Court will charge $50.00 as a reopen fee.  Every county is different, so these fees will range.
  4. Driving Record:  If you are a Jacksonville habitual traffic offender, you probably have an extensive record.  The more driving with a suspended license tickets or Jacksonville driving under the influence convictions that you have, the more difficult it will be to fix your record.  You want to have a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer work on your Florida driving record as soon as possible.  The cost of a Jacksonville lawyer will be more if you continue to drive with your license suspended.
  5. Type of Traffic Case:  Your attorney’s fees will vary depending on the type of case that you have.  The price of having a Clay County lawyer reopen a civil traffic infraction will likely be less than the price of a St. Johns County attorney reopening a criminal traffic case.

If you would like to talk to a Florida attorney about your drivers license, call (904) 564-2525.  The longer you wait to work on your driving record, the worse things will get.  You cannot continue to drive on a suspended license.

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