Clay County Juveniles Find Evidence for Criminal Case

Clay County Criminal AttorneyAs a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer and clay county attorney, I have help juveniles charged with crimes.  I recently read an article on the First Coast News website. In this news article, juveniles in Clay County may have helped police with an missing person case or unsolved mystery.  On Sunday, Clay County “juveniles found skeletal remains in a wooded area beside a Kohl’s store in Fleming Island near East-West Parkway.”  Public Information Officer, Mary Justino, is with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.  She reported that “the juveniles were walking through the area when they spotted the partial skeletal remains.”  This area of town had been under water for a while.  Due to the lack of rain, the area dried up recently, and the body was discovered.  The body has majorly decomposed.  “Justino said the amount of information the sheriff’s office has is limited regarding the sex, race, age and cause of death.”  Clay County “detectives said they are using cadaver dogs to search the area as well as 30 deputies.  They are conducting a grid search to search for any other possible evidence.”

Police have “checked the missing persons cases in the region but it turned up no results.  Police are now using dental records to try to identify the remains.  Police have ruled the case a death investigation and not a homicide investigation at this time.”  This can always changed based upon what police discover.

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