Jacksonville Criminal Arrest Reports and Charges in Duval County

I like to write about local news stories my Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer blog.  I look at our local news outlets, such as The Florida Times Union, First Coast News, and Channel 4 News, so I can get an idea about what is going on in the area.  I googled “Jacksonville News” and came across a website I have never seen before.  It’s called “The Jacksonville News” on www.jaxnews.com.  As I was surfing the site, I saw that they give something called an arrest report.  It looks like a new one comes out every week.  The most recent one is the report for October 2, 2012.   While it is for Jacksonville, Alabama, it is interesting to see the types of charges listed.  As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney, it is a good way for me to go through the criminal charges and explain them.  I have taken a few cases from the report.  I listed the information from the report in the quotes, and I will give a brief description after each.

“Romando Cheveliar Williams II: open house party, resisting arrest” An open house party can be found in Florida Statute 856.015 and is used when a minor is caught possessing alcohol or drinking underage in Jacksonville, FL.  It is a misdemeanor.  The Jacksonville resisting an officer charge is a felony if violence was used.  If not, it is a misdemeanor.  Resisting an officer without violence usually occurs when the defendant tries to run from the police.

“Dhidan Almarri: possession of marijuana (second degree), possession of drug paraphernalia”  Jacksonville possession of marijuana charges may be felony or misdemeanor charges.  If you are charged with possessing less than 20 grams of marijuana or cannabis, it is a misdemeanor.  Otherwise, you will be facing a felony criminal arrest.  Jacksonville possession of drug paraphernalia is a misdemeanor.  It is not usual to see a possession of cannabis charge coupled with a paraphernalia charge.

“John Kaleb Crosby: D.U.I.” DUI stands for driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.  It is sometimes referred to as DWI.  A Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence charge is usually a misdemeanor, but can be a felony if you have 3 or more prior DUI charges.  Florida driving under the influence laws also make a DUI a felony if there is death or serious bodily injury.

“Catina Lynn Caruthers: domestic violence (third degree)”  Jacksonville domestic violence is not a criminal charge, per se.  However, Jacksonville violation of an injunction that prohibits domestic violence is a criminal offense.  Jacksonville Domestic Battery is a criminal charge.  It is usually a misdemeanor.  It can be a felony if the defendant has prior convictions, the injury is severe, or strangulation or a firearm is involved.

“Rebecca L. Hall: hold for Calhoun County”  This means that she had a warrant or capias for her arrest in Calhoun County.  Duval County is merely holding her in the pretrial detention facility, and Calhoun County police officers will pick her up.

“Travis Bannister: probation violation”  A Jacksonville violation of probation charge will cause you to go before the same judge that sentenced you.  The severity of the penalty will depend on the criminal charge that you pleaded to in order to go on probation.  If you pleaded guilty to Jacksonville grand theft, there is a possibility of going to prison.  If you pleaded guilty to Jacksonville petty theft, you cannot go to prison, but you could go to jail.  When it comes to probation, there are ways to have your probation reinstated.  If you have completed many of the conditions of your Florida probation sentence, the judge may give you a second chance to finish up.  Every case is different.  That is why it is important to talk to a Jacksonville lawyer about your case.

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