Florida Hardship Drivers License for Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender

Jacksonville Suspended Drivers License

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The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV or DMV) will suspended your drivers license for several reasons.  Your drivers license may be suspend if you are convicted of Jacksonville possession of marijuana.  It can also be suspended if you are convicted of petty theft in Jacksonville.  Most Florida drivers license suspensions occur because someone received too many points from Florida speeding tickets or Jacksonville traffic tickets.  If you receive 15 moving violations with points within five years, your Florida drivers license will likely be suspended as a Jacksonville habitual traffic offender.

As a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer, most of the habitual traffic offender suspensions that I see occur because people receive three Jacksonville driving on a suspended license charges within 5 years.  In some cases, you may be able to reopen old driving on a suspended license cases.  If you succeed with this, you will be able to have your Florida drivers license reinstated.  You will not need a hardship license.  This is usually the best route to take, because people will often try to use their hardship drivers license to drive to places that are not permissible with a restricted license.

You also have the option of acquiring a Florida hardship license.  This only applies if your Florida drivers license was suspended for points or driving on a suspended license.  If your license was suspended because you were convicted of Jacksonville driving under the influence, this law does not apply to you.  Jacksonville DUI charges usually result in a conviction, unless your charges were reduced to Jacksonville reckless driving.

With a Florida hardship license, you have limited driving privileges.  You are permitted to drive to work.  If you want to obtain a hardship license in Florida, you need to enroll in the Advance Driver Improvement course.  This is known as the ADI course, and it is a 12-hour class.  When you enroll in ADI, you will receive proof of it.  This “proof” is a letter from the Jacksonville driving school that provides the course.

You will need a 30-day search from the clerk of court in Duval County.  If your application for a Jacksonville hardship drivers license is accepted, you will need to take the course before the deadline expires.  This is usually a 3-month period.  You will have a hearing with the Florida Bureau of Administrative Review Office.  There is no guarantee that you will receive a Florida hardship drivers license.  The hearing officer will look at all of the evidence presented to make decision.  You must come well-prepared for this hearing.

If you have a Florida suspended drivers license and are a Jacksonville habitual traffic offender, talk to a Jacksonville lawyer about this.  A Jacksonville attorney at 20 Miles Law will try to help you find the best way to fix your Florida drivers license.  Call this Jacksonville law office at (904) 564-2525 or email a lawyer.




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