Arrested for Theft after Shoplifting in Jacksonville FL


Arrested for Shoplifting in Jacksonville, FL? Talk to a Jacksonville theft lawyer for help by calling (904) 564-2525.

Imagine that your child is going to the St. Johns Town Center with a group of friends.  You receive a phone call from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.  She was caught shoplifting at a store in the mall.  Now, your child is facing Jacksonville petty theft or grand theft charges as a Duval County juvenile delinquent.  While you are probably extremely upset and disappointed, you are also thinking about ways to help your teenager through this situation.  It is important to talk to a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer about your defenses to this charge, your child’s criminal record, and the possible punishments and sentences.

Many adults have also been arrested or given a citation or notice to appear for Jacksonville theft charges.  If you have been arrested in Ponte Vedre for a theft crime, you need to talk to a St. Johns County lawyer about this.  While you may feel ashamed and want to hide this theft charge from other people, you can confidentially seek help from a St. Johns County lawyer.  You have options and rights.  A Florida criminal defense attorney can help you.  It does not matter if you are trying to fight your charges or seal or expunge your record, you should know the options available to you.

What are your options when you have been arrested for Jacksonville grand theft or petit theft?  Florida petit theft can carry a fine and/or jail sentence.  If you have prior theft convictions, you may be charged with Jacksonville felony petit theft.  Felony petit theft is like grand theft, because it can carry a prison sentence since both are felony crimes.  Do not be scared.  Just because a criminal charge “can” result in a jail or prison sentence, it does not mean that it will.  Quite often, Florida theft cases are negotiated to a more favorable outcome.  Depending on your Florida criminal record, you may be eligible for some type of diversion program with the State Attorney’s Office.  Depending on the facts of your case, your Jacksonville criminal lawyer may be able to get your charges dropped.  If you have been charged with grand theft, your Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer may be able to explain to the prosecutor the reason your charges should be reduced to a lesser crime.  Even if you have been charged with felony theft, it does not mean that you will be convicted of a felony.

In some cases, people are falsely accused of stealing or shoplifting.  If you have been wrongfully arrested for a Florida theft charge, your Jacksonville lawyer will fight your charges.  Every case is different.  It is important to talk to a Jacksonville Florida attorney with experience defending theft cases.  At 20 Miles Law, you can speak to an attorney confidentially about your situation.  Call (904) 564-2525 if you need a Duval, Nassau, St. Johns, or Clay County lawyer to help you with a theft charge.  Jacksonville Theft Law is in Florida Statute 812.014 and will give you more information about theft charges.

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