Jacksonville DUI Roadblocks and Checkpoints for Drunk Driving

Florida DUI CheckpointsWere you stopped at a DUI roadblock in Orange Park, Florida?  Have you been stopped at a DUI checkpoint by St. Johns County police officers?  Were you arrested for Jacksonville driving under the influence in Duval County at a sobriety checkpoint?  If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, talk to a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer that has experience with driving under the influence case by calling (904) 564-2525.  A Jacksonville criminal defense attorney will be able to defend you against these charges.  If you were accused of drunk driving, do not take this lightly.  This is not just a Jacksonville traffic ticket.  You have been accused of a serious crime.

DUI roadblocks are used in Florida to find people that are drinking and driving.  The police officers will have guidelines, which require them to stop vehicles.  For example, they may stop every car or every third car.  They create a planned roadblock.  The sobriety checkpoint will be marked.  There will be lights and signs.  It looks somewhat like a nighttime work zone.  The police officers will slow down traffic and direct you through a line of traffic.  The officer will stop a certain car, depending on the guidelines.  The officer will ask for license, insurance, and registration.  It is similar to the procedure that is used if you are pulled over for a Florida speeding ticket.  The police officer is really checking to see if you are driving while impaired.  He is looking for blood shot or watery eyes, the smell of an alcoholic beverage on your breath, or slurred speech.  If he or she is looking for probable cause to believe that you are driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.  If he or she finds probable cause, the DUI investigation will begin.  The police officer will ask you to perform field sobriety tests or exercises.  If the police officer thinks that you “failed” the test, you will be placed under arrest.  Then, you will go downtown to blow into the breath machine, the intoxilyzer or breathalyzer.  You have the right to refuse any chemical tests.  Yes.  This may lead to a suspended Florida drivers license, but it could help you avoid a conviction for driving under the influence.

Jacksonville DUI Checkpoints are legal.  They are not unconstitutional.  In general, they do not violate the 4th amendment which does not allow illegal searches and seizures.  They must still meet strict guidelines. Amendment.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is also know as NHTSA.   NHTSA gives the States DUI roadblock procedures to follow.  Before the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office can set up a sobriety check point, they must set up certain procedures that will tell the police officers the rules they must follow during the roadblock.  Warning will be given for the DUI checkpoint.  The city of Jacksonville has a website that states upcoming DUI roadblocks.

If law enforcement officers do not follow the guidelines and procedures, the Jacksonville driving under the influence arrest may not be valid.  At 20 Miles Law, you can talk to a Jacksonville lawyer with experience with Florida DUI cases.  You may be able to win a motion to suppress you DUI stop.  If so, you stand a good chance at beating your DUI case.

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