Avoid Points on a Florida Commercial Drivers License

Jacksonville Commercial Drivers License AttorneyIf you are a truck driver, your Florida drivers license is invaluable.  You need a commercial drivers license in order to maintain your career, keep your job, and take care of your family.  What happens if you receive a Jacksonville traffic ticket?  What if you get a Florida speeding ticket in Duval County?  What should you do if you receive a ticket for a moving violation in Clay County or St. Johns County?

A conviction for a moving violation in Florida will put points on your Florida drivers license.  This is even worse if you have a commercial drivers license.  You earn your living by driving.  Your license will be suspended if you have too many points on your Florida driving record within a certain time period.

The point system works like this:

  • 12 points within 12 months will result in a 30 day (1 month) suspension.
  • 18 points within a 18 month period will result in a 90 day (3 month) suspension.
  • 24 points within a 24 month period will result in a 365 day (1 year) suspension.

If you are a Jacksonville juvenile and under the age of 18, a different rule applies to your Florida drivers license.  If you receive 6 points within 12 months (one year), your license will be suspended for a year.  You will be eligible for a hardship license to drive for business purposes, such as to and from your job and school.   If you receive a Florida traffic ticket, you should talk to a Jacksonville traffic ticket lawyer.

When you are pulled over by a police officer, he will tell you that you have the option to pay the ticket, set a court date at the county court house, or go to traffic school.  You may decide to take the Florida driver improvement school.  By going to driver improvement school, you will avoid points being added to your Florida driving record.  Before doing this, understand that you only have the option to go to driving school so many times.   You can only take the course one time within a year.  You can only go to driving school 5 times in your life.  That is just one reason why talking to a Jacksonville ticket lawyer is helpful.  A Florida speeding ticket lawyer may help you avoid points on your driving record without taking a driving course. You also want to avoid becoming a Jacksonville habitual traffic offender.

A commercial drivers license is known as a CDL.  If you have a CDL in Florida, you cannot opt to take the driver improvement course.  This will not save your commercial drivers license.  You will not avoid the points on your Florida driving record.  It does not make a difference if you received the ticket when you were working or driving for personal reasons.  Imagine that you are driving your motorcycle with your friends.  You receive a ticket for reckless driving in Jacksonville.  This is worth 6 points.  This is a criminal charge.  You will still have points on your CDL, even though your were not working when you receive the ticket.

If you have received a ticket in Florida or need help with your driving record, contact a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer.  Call a Jacksonville lawyer at (904) 564-2525 or send an email.



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