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Jacksonville Minor Crime LawyerIf your child has been arrested in Northeast Florida, talk to a Jacksonville Juvenile Lawyer, right away.  As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I love helping children and teenagers with criminal charges.  I believe that juveniles are different from adults.  Under Florida law, juveniles are not supposed to be treated like adults under Florida’s criminal laws.  I think that everyone will agree that we are not the same people that we were as children.  Middle school and high school students act on impulse and do not address problems the same way that adults do.

Florida law takes this into account this difference and so should Jacksonville juvenile delinquency courts. According Florida Criminal Punishment Code 921.002 gives the primary goal of a criminal sentence for adults.  It is to punish the accused for committing a crime. If an adult is charged with Jacksonville a Jacksonville drug crime in Clay County, the main goal is to punish the person for committing the drug possession or drug sale crime. Rehabilitation is secondary.  Florida juvenile defendants are not treated the same. Under Florida Statute 985.02, the Florida juvenile justice system is meant to protect the community, but rehabilitation is still an important goal. The Florida juvenile justice system wants to prevent and reduce juvenile crimes. If a juvenile is arrested for simple batter in Ponte Vedra, St. Johns County should try rehabilitate the child, so he or she will not end up in court again.

It is so important to take care of the children in our community.  Thank you to Jax Beach Websites for helping me create a new webpage with information about juvenile charges.  Visit Jacksonville Juvenile Crime Lawyer to view the page.  If you need help with a Florida juvenile delinquent case or would like to talk to a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney, do not hesitate to call (904) 564-2525 or email a lawyer.

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