Is a Jacksonville Driving on Suspended License Ticket a Crime?


Jacksonville Driving on a Suspended License Charges

Did you receive a ticket for Jacksonville Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License?  Some people receive driving on a suspended license tickets, and they do not even know that their drivers licenses are suspended or revoked.  If you are driving on a suspended license in Florida, you may receive a traffic ticket or criminal citation.  In some cases, you may be arrested for driving on a suspended license.  This is especially true when it comes to Jacksonville habitual traffic offenders that are pulled over.  A Jacksonville habitual traffic offender is someone that has had his or her Florida drivers license suspended for 5 years.

There are a few ways to tell whether or not your driving on a suspended license charge is a civil Jacksonville traffic ticket or a criminal charge.  Obviously, if you are arrested for driving on a suspended license, it is a crime.  You do not want to just plea guilty or no contest to a criminal Florida suspended license charge.  If you receive a ticket for the suspended license, all of the information that you will need to decide whether or not the violation is civil or criminal is on your traffic citation.  As a Jacksonville ticket lawyer, I ask people that call me to give me certain information over the telephone.

1.  Usually, the traffic ticket will have the violation written on it.  For instance, if you receive a Florida speeding ticket, it will say something about “unlawful speed” on it.  Then, it will say how many miles per hour your were cited for.  With Jacksonville suspended drivers license tickets, it will say “driving with a license suspended or revoked.”  Sometimes, the citation will also say “unknowing” or “knowing” on it.  Driving on a suspended Florida license without knowledge or unknowingly is a civil traffic infraction.  This is not a criminal charge.  If you were driving while your license was suspended with knowledge or knowingly, you have bee charged with a crime.

2.  If your Jacksonville traffic ticket does not say anything about knowledge, look at the statute number.  In Florida, our laws are called “statutes.”  The Florida laws about motor vehicles are in Title XXIII.  Chapter 322 governs Florida driver’s license laws.  Florida Statute Section 322.34(1) is for driving on a suspended license without knowing that your license was suspended.  This is a civil law.  Florida Statute Section 322.34(2) is a criminal law.  It is used when you are driving your car and you knew or should have known that your license was suspended.  Look at the citation that the police officer gave you.  Which Florida traffic law did he write on your Jacksonville ticket?

3.  There is another way to tell if your Florida suspended license ticket is a criminal charge.  If you are able to pay the ticket without setting a court date, it is likely a civil traffic ticket and not a crime.  If the ticket states that you are required to set a court date for your Jacksonville driving on a suspended license charge, it is a crime.

Let’s say your Jacksonville suspended license ticket was a civil traffic infraction.  You may think that you should just pay the ticket and get this over with.  That is a bad idea.  I am a Jacksonville driver’s license lawyer, and I have seen too many people pay tickets just to have it back fire later on.  Paying a ticket will put points on your license.  In the long run, this may cost you much more.  Also, a Florida driving on a suspended or revoked license ticket can cause you to become a Jacksonville habitual traffic offender.  By paying the ticket, you will be convicted of driving on a suspended license.  Talk to a Jacksonville lawyer about your driving record by calling (904) 564-2525 or send an email to an attorney.  It does not matter if you live in Duval, Nassau, Clay, or St. Johns County, a lawyer in Jacksonville may be able to help you.


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