How Can I Clear a Florida Background Check?

Florida Criminal Background Check

There is a record of your arrest, so seal or expunge your Florida criminal background.

When you apply for a job, the employer may run a background check.  This could cause you to lose your chance of getting the job.  If you are trying to go to college, the university or school may look a your criminal record.  Your Florida criminal record may cause you to be rejected.  In most cases, your Florida criminal background is open for the public to see.  There are some exceptions when it comes to Jacksonville juvenile delinquents as minors.

If you want to clear your Florida record or pass a background check, you should consider sealing or expunging your criminal record.  There is a difference between expunging and sealing your record in Florida.  Regardless of the option that is available to you, this will help to erase your Florida record for most background checks.

When you seal a criminal record in Florida, you are taping the file shut, so most people will not be able to see the arrest and other reports associated with the case.  In most cases, you need a court order to reopen the file.  In a standard background check, your charge will not show up.  Here is an example of erasing a criminal charge with a Florida record seal.  You were arrested for Jacksonville simple battery.  Your pleaded no contest of guilty to a lesser offense, such as Jacksonville affray or fighting.  The judge withheld adjudication, so you were not convicted of the crime.  You completed anger management as part of your Jacksonville probation and paid all of your court costs.  You may be able to seal this simple battery arrest and fighting charge from your record. If you seal your Florida criminal record, this arrest and criminal offense should not show up in a background check.  Even if you clear this charge from your background, there are some agencies that will have access to it.  Those agencies are set forth in this article: Can People See My Florida Record After it is Sealed or Expunged?  Read “Can I Seal My Florida Record” to see if you are eligible for a record seal.

If your charges were dropped, you may be able to expunge your Florida record.  If you expunge a record in Florida, you are putting the arrest record through a shredder.  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), keeps a record on file.  The record of your arrest or crime is kept confidential.  Just like a record seal, it can only be opened by court order or by agencies that are permitted to have access.  Here is an example of a record expunction.  You were arrested for Jacksonville domestic battery and Jacksonville possession of marijuana.  Two months later, the charges were dropped.  You may be able to expunge the Jacksonville drug charge and domestic battery arrest from your record.  Read, “Can I Expunge my Florida record” for more information about expunging your arrest.

If you are interested in clearing your record for a Florida background check, talk to a Jacksonville criminal lawyer by calling  (904) 564-2525.  Email a lawyer in Jacksonville by clicking Contact Us.  A Jacksonville criminal defense attorney may be able to help you.

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