Clay County Criminal Defense Lawyer for Theft and Burglary

Green Cove Springs Theft Attorney

There may be videotaped evidence of theft, burglary, shoplifting, stealing, or other Clay county theft crimes.

As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney, I have represented several people in Clay County for theft crimes.  It does not matter if you are charged with petty theft in Green Cove Springs or petit theft in Jacksonville.  The criminal charge is the same under Florida’s Theft Law.  The same is true when if comes to burglary charges.  A burglary in St. Augustine is the same crime as a burglary in Jacksonville Beach.

It is always interesting to see statistics for crimes in our area. The Florida Times Union publishes articles about Florida theft crimes in Clay County, Florida.  Recently, the theft arrests range from stealing thousands of comic books in Keystone Heights to breaking into a car for a pillow and air fresheners, which is burglary under Florida’s laws.  The article entitled “Clay County Property Crimes Aug. 24 – 26” gives a “complete listing of property crimes from the Sheriff’s Office Crime Watch report for” August 24 to 26.


  1. “An unattended bicycle was stolen from the garden shop area of Kmart on Blanding Boulevard, Orange Park.”
  2. “Two unidentified white males entered a locked fence area and stole an undetermined amount of cash from bins that had been vacuumed from various vehicles at Jeffery’s Car Wash on Blanding Boulevard, Orange Park.”
  3. “An unattended cell phone was stolen from a rail by the front door to a residence on Lester Drive, Orange Park.”
  4. “A FedEx box containing a Samsung Galaxy S3 was stolen from the front porch of a residence on Brittany Bluff Drive, Orange Park.”
  5. “An Apple iPhone 4S was stolen from an unattended book bag in the girl’s locker room at Orange Park Junior High School on Gano Avenue.”


  1. “Five unsecured aluminum handicap ramps were stolen from a property on White Sands Road, Keystone Heights.”
  2. “An unattended laptop bag containing a Dell laptop, Kindle Fire, iPod Touch, Toshiba hard drive and assorted software was stolen from the outside of the rear door to Marie’s Kids on Park Avenue, Orange Park.”


  1. “A residence was entered and ransacked and water was left running at an address on Blairmore Boulevard West, Orange Park. Items were moved around in the residence, but nothing appeared to be missing.”
  2. “Various pieces of jewelry were stolen from a residence on Cypress Street, Keystone Heights.”“A locked bicycle was stolen from a bike rack at the Road House and Foremost Liquor on Blanding Boulevard, Orange Park.”

This theft article also gave information about burglaries in Clay County, Florida (Read, “Clay County Burglary and Theft Arrests Possible”).  While the Florida Times Union article categorized the crimes above as “thefts,” some of them may actually be burglaries due to the entering of a structure, conveyance, residence, house, or the curtilage (surrounding area).  If you are arrested for a Jacksonville theft charge, call a Jacksonville lawyer for help at (904) 564-2525.

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