Jacksonville Wal-Mart Robbery Leads to Arrests

On July 14, 2012, over a hundred teenagers and young adults left a large house party broken up on the north side of Jacksonville.  Instead of going home, “ignited a flash mob at the Lem Turner Road Walmart Supercenter.”  This was recorded on a youtube video which can be found with the article on Jacksonville.com and the Florida Times Union.

A Walmart representative named Dianna Gee stated: “The actions of these teenagers was deplorable and put at risk the safety of innocent bystanders, staff and customers,” Gee said. “We are committed to assisting law enforcement in any way we can to identify the people responsible for the commotion, including acts of vandalism and thefts at the store.”  The partygoers “threw produce around as they crowded into the store. The three-minute video shows people riding shopping carts and mugging for the camera in what apparently lasted several minutes.  Gee said snacks and sodas were stolen, but no one was hurt and damage was minimal. A store security scanner also was damaged as everybody fled, the police report said.”

This type of activity has recently started in several cities.  It is know as mass flash mobs.  There are variety of criminal charges that can arise out of this case.  The people arrested in connection with this Walmart robbery will need Jacksonville criminal lawyers to defend them.  A Jacksonville criminal defense attorney that receives one of these cases may have a range of charges to defend against.  The charges may be Jacksonville petit theft, a misdemeanor.  Vandalism will be charged as Jacksonville criminal mischief, which can be a misdemeanor or felony crime.  People in the mob could be charged with Jacksonville grand theft or robbery, both felony crimes.

These Jacksonville Walmart robberies, theft, and vandalisms were not the only crimes that occurred that Saturday night.  The Florida Times Union reported “a 20-year-old was at Shands Jacksonville saying he had been shot in the right leg as he was leaving the party. He told officers he heard gunshots as he reached Sampson and Percy roads, so he started running, then realized he had been shot.  He said he didn’t see a gun or anyone who could have shot him since ‘the crowd of people was so large.’”  Jacksonville aggravated battery detectives are investigating the shooting.  A neighbor near the party told police “she was told was a party mimicking the new movie, “Project X.” That film follows three high school students who throw an unforgettable party that gets way out of hand.”

CBS has reported that two men were arrested in connection with Jacksonville robbery that occurred a couple of weeks ago at Wal-Mart.  “Willie Rogers and Maurice Jones were found hiding in an attic of a Cherokee County home Sunday afternoon.  The men are accused of stealing cash from one of the registers at Walmart. The other wanted men are Roderick Denard Silmon and Jonathan Rashard Brown.”  (Two arrests made in Jacksonville Walmart robbery).

If you are being investigated in connection with the Walmart flash mob or another crime, do not discuss this matter with police.  First, talk to a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville.  You do not want to say something that may incriminate you or cause you to be arrested.  Call a Jacksonville lawyer at (904) 564-2525.

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