Jacksonville Self-Defense Shooting in Bar Parking Lot

Wacko’s is a gentleman’s club and bar located on University Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida.  As a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville, when I hear about a crime at a gentleman’s club, I think of a violation of the adult entertainment code.  The Duval County Municipal County Ordinance, Section 150.606, prohibits certain nude acts.  I have represented nude dancers for violating the adult entertainment code, so when I heard that Wacko’s bar was at the center of a potential crime this weekend, I thought that it had something to do with nude dancers.  I was wrong.  Last Sunday morning, a security guard shot three patrons in the parking lot of this Jacksonville bar.  The security guard has stated that he was merely defending himself.  If so, he will be covered by Florida’s self-defense laws and Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law.

A Jacksonville News report stated: “Police said there was a fight inside Wacko’s Gentleman’s Club involving club-goers and bouncers.  According to the police report, the fight moved outside and ended when an armed security guard, Jarod Chemay, shot three men inside their truck.  Investigators said Chemay, a Centurion Security Services employee hired by Wacko’s to control the property, told them he opened fire because they were driving their truck at him, trying to run him over.”  (News4Jax.com)

All three men where taken to Shand’s hospital for their injuries.  One man has life threatening injuries.  Depending on the facts of this shooting, Chemay may be charged with Jacksonville aggravated battery.  If police and the Duval County State Attorney believe that he intended to kill the other men, he could be charged with attempted murder.  If any of the men die as a result of their injuries, he may be charged with Jacksonville manslaughter or murder.  The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is looking into possible footage of shooting by examining video surveillance.  (Jacksonville.com)

Chemay may have been acting in self-defense in Jacksonville. Although Chemay has not been arrested for the shooting, he may still be arrested.  A Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer will need to show that he was legitimately defending himself when he pulled his firearm. Chemay used deadly force when he fired his gun.  Under Florida’s self-defense laws, he can only use deadly force if he believed someone was going to use deadly force against him.

If you are being investigated for a Jacksonville aggravated assault, battery, or another Jacksonville gun charge, contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney for help.  You can talk to a lawyer in Jacksonville by calling (904) 564-2525.

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