St. Johns County Florida Juvenile Criminal Charges

St. Johns County Juvenile ChargesHas your child been arrested for in St. Augustine, Florida?  Was your son given a notice to appear or ticket for a juvenile charge in Julington Creek?  Has your daughter been charged with a crime as a juvenile in Ponte Vedra?  If so, you are probably experiencing a lot of things in the Florida juvenile justice system that you do not understand.  A Jacksonville criminal lawyer can help you with a St. Johns County juvenile criminal charge.

If your child or teenager has been charged with a crime in St. Johns County, he or she may be a first-time offender.  If you child has never been arrested as a juvenile delinquent, you may be eligible for the St. Johns County diversion program.  Diversion seems like Florida probation.  If the juvenile successfully completes the diversion program, the State of Florida will either drop the charges or never file them.  The St. Johns County diversion program is six months long and does not include early termination.

Normally, St. Johns County diversion consists of something like the following:

  1. A psychological and/or substance evaluation and any recommended follow up treatment.
  2. Random urine testing twice a month (biweekly) and a urine test at the initial orientation meeting for diversion.
  3. Restitution to the victim of the crime that the juvenile is accused of committing.
  4. The juvenile must write a letter of apology either to the victim or his or her parents.
  5. SWEAT (Sheriff’s Office Work Ethic and Training): The juvenile will do physical labor for two Saturdays in St. Johns County.
  6. Community service hours with an organization approved by the St. Johns County State Attorney’s Office.
  7. The juvenile will have a curfew from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
  8. A fee for the program ranging from $100 to $175 per criminal charge.
  9. The juvenile must stay in school.

If your teenager finishes this court diversion program, he or she will be eligible to expunge the Florida criminal record.  A juvenile record expunction after the diversion program is not the same as expunging a Florida criminal record through Florida Statute 943.0585.  If you want to expunge a record after the diversion program through the Florida juvenile record expunction, you must do it within 6 months of finishing the program.  Read “Expunge a Jacksonville Florida Juvenile Delinquent Record” for more information about clearing a juvenile record in Florida.  If you would like to expunge a criminal record in Florida as a juvenile or adult, talk to a lawyer in Jacksonville that expunges records at 20 Miles Law.  Call (904) 564-2525 and find a lawyer that can help you.

What if your child was arrested for Florida drug charges in Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, or another town in St. Johns County, Florida?  Your child may be offered the EPIC program.  The EPIC program is for possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, or another Florida drug charge.  St. Johns County EPIC program is a very intense program for the juvenile and the parent or legal guardian.

There are probably a lot of things that you do not understand about your child’s St. Johns County juvenile case.  Like most parents, you are worried about making the wrong decision.  A Jacksonville juvenile lawyer can help you during this difficult time.  When your child is arrested as a juvenile delinquent in Jacksonville or other Florida city, it is trying for the entire family.   A Jacksonville criminal attorney will make it easier for you.  Contact a Florida defense attorney at 20 Miles Law by telephone at (904) 564-2525 or by email (Contact Us).

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