Jacksonville Teenagers Possessing Marijuana More Common Than Cigarette Use?

Jacksonville Juvenile Marijuana ChargeI recently came across a news story about a CDC survey finding that more teenagers are smoking pot than cigarettes.  As a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney, I had to find out more about this, considering that Jacksonville possession of marijuana is a worse charge to have on your Florida criminal record than possession of tobacco.  According to the CBS News Report:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday that 23 percent of high school students said they recently smoked marijuana, while 18 percent said they had puffed cigarettes. The survey asked teens about a variety of risky behaviors.

For decades, the number of teens who smoke has been on the decline. Marijuana use has fluctuated, and recently rose. At times, pot and cigarette smoking were about the same level, but last year marked the first time marijuana use was clearly greater.

An earlier survey by the University of Michigan also found that pot smoking was higher. A Michigan expert said teens today apparently see marijuana as less dangerous than cigarettes.”

I am a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer, so I have represented kids and teenagers of all ages.  Like many adults, teens that are over the age of 16-years-old value their driver’s license.  They do not want to lose their Florida drivers license or have it suspended.  A possession of marijuana arrest could lead to a suspended license in Florida.  I have outlined a portion of the Florida law pertaining to suspended driver’s license for tobacco and marijuana charges.

A Florida Statute Section 569.11, a juvenile’s drivers license may be suspended if he or she possess tobacco or misrepresent his or her age to obtain tobacco. Section 569.11 gives certain procedures that a teenager must complete in order to keep his or her Florida drivers license.  The Jacksonville juvenile shall pay a fine, perform community service hours, and complete an anti-tobacco program. If the juvenile does not complete the requirements, the court shall direct the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend the Jacksonville Drivers License. The time period for the Jacksonville Driver License Suspension will vary depending on the violation.  For a first violation, the DMV will suspend the Florida driver’s license for 30 days.

When a juvenile is convicted of Jacksonville possession of marijuana, his or her driver’s license will be suspended for a much longer time period.  If you plead guilty or no contest to possession of marijuana, your Florida license will be suspended for 2 years.  If you have been arrested for possession of marijuana, talk to a Jacksonville drug charges lawyer at a Jacksonville Law Office.  You can get help from a lawyer in Jacksonville by calling (904) 564-2525 or by email (Find a Lawyer).

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