Jacksonville Lawyer with Duval County Courthouse Information

Duval County CourthouseThe Duval County Courthouse will not be opening as planned.  Originally, Jacksonville city officials planned on opening the new Duval County Courthouse located at 501 West Adams Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202 (map to the new Duval County Court house in Jacksonville, Florida).  The new Duval County Courthouse was schedule to open May 29, 2012, the day after Memorial Day.  Like many Jacksonville Florida attorneys and Jacksonville criminal lawyers, I expected to once again be able to resume business as usual, but this was not the case.  It has been almost two weeks, and the Duval County Courthouse is still closed.

According to the Jacksonville news about the Duval County Courthouse closing:

“since it has been determined that the new $350 million Duval County Courthouse will not be inhabitable in the near future, workers are scrambling to get the old courthouse up and running so court business can continue.  The decision came after a meeting Monday morning after the fire suppression system failed to work properly during weekend tests.”  (First Coast News:  Courthouse officials moving back into old Duval County Courthouse).

There is still no word on when the new Duval County Courthouse will open or when the old Duval County Courthouse will be functioning as usual.  The old Duval County Courthouse is located at 330 East Bay Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202.  All Jacksonville jury trials that were scheduled for this week will be cancelled, and “a source close to the situation says it’s possible courtrooms could be up and running and judges back on the bench in their old places by Monday, but this is an estimate.”  (First Coast News:  Courthouse officials moving back into old Duval County Courthouse).

If you or a friend or family member been arrested in Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, or anywhere else in Duval County, you will still go to court at the jail for your bond hearing.  This is called first appearance court, and it is held in courtroom J1 at the Duval County Jail at 500 East Adams Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202. You will also want to talk to a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney about the Florida criminal case.

If you are petitioning for a restraining order or trying to fight a Jacksonville injunction, the Jacksonville Domestic violence injunction hearings are held in courtroom J-2 at the Duval County Jail as usual.  Jacksonville child support appearances will be held Courtroom J-3.  If you need help from a family lawyer in Jacksonville, call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525.

If you would like to apply for a restraining order in Jacksoville, the Duval County Courthouse Annex Building at 220 East Bay Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202, handles the filing of Jacksonville petitions for an injunction.  You may call a Jacksonville domestic violence lawyer at 20 Miles Law to represent you when petitioning for a defending against a restraining order in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville juvenile delinquent cases have been temporarily moved.  Since the courthouse is closed, a Jacksonville juvenile delinquent that has been arrested or charged with a crime, will likely go to a hearing in the Duval County Traffic Court building located at 3490 Beach Boulevard, but it is best to call the Duval County Clerk of Court for more information.  You can talk to a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer by calling 20 Miles Law.

As a Jacksonville traffic ticket lawyer, I just handled a Florida speeding ticket in Jacksonville traffic court and the Jacksonville traffic courthouse is operating as it normally does. (Florida Times Union: New Duval courthouse staying closed through the week).  If you need Jacksonville Florida drivers license help, contact a Jacksonville ticket lawyer.

If you need to schedule a court date for a Jacksonville misdemeanor charge in which you were given a ticket or a notice to appear citation, call a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer or go to Duval County traffic court to set your court date.  Regardless of whether or not you set your own court date, talking to a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney about your case would be beneficial.

If you have a pending Jacksonville criminal charge, felony or misdemeanor, visit the Duval County Clerk of Court’s website to get more information about your court date.  You can also contact 20 Miles Law for help from a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville about your case.  Call a lawyer in Jacksonville at (904) 564-2525.

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