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I have been a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville for years.  When I first started as a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney, I did not know how people found the lawyers that were representing them in court.  I was a Duval County public defender, so all the people I represented were assigned to me.  When I became a private lawyer in Jacksonville, I learned what a future client was.

When a person wants to hire a lawyer in Jacksonville, he usually has a legal problem. This is a future client.  As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, people normally call after they have been arrested in Duval, Clay, Nassau, or St. Johns County, Florida.  They are looking for a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer to help them with what is probably the worse thing in has ever happened to them.

Some people that call are sent from other lawyers in Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, or other cities in Florida.  Imagine that a woman went through a divorce in Duval County.  She hired a Jacksonville domestic lawyer to represent her for the divorce.  Her house later goes into foreclosure.  Her Jacksonville divorce lawyer will refer her to a Jacksonville foreclosure lawyer.   If her son arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, her Florida family lawyer will refer her to a Jacksonville DUI lawyer.

Some people that call are former clients.  They are people that I have represented in reference to a Florida family law dispute or Jacksonville domestic violence matter.  I may have represented them for a Jacksonville traffic ticket, Florida speeding ticket, or help with a suspended license in Jacksonville.  Sometimes, I have represented them in a criminal matter or for Florida foreclosure defense.  With repeat clients, they already know a lawyer in Jacksonville that they have a good relationship with, so it’s much easier for them.

What about people that do not have a lawyer they can call, but they need to hire an attorney?  In that case, they will ask their family and friends.  They may go on the Internet to find a Jacksonville lawyer.  When you look for an attorney online, you will find a lot of websites.  Some are Jacksonville law offices and others are lawyer referral services.  A lawyer referral service is a company that has a list of Florida attorneys that you can choose from.  Regardless of whether you find a Jacksonville lawyer through a law firm’s website or lawyer referral service, call the lawyer and talk to her.  Get to know her experience, and her ability to take care of your case and your needs.

If you go to, you will be able to find lawyers in different areas of the law.  You can do the same by going to my law firm’s website, and contacting a lawyer (Contact Us).  It does not matter where you find your attorney as long as you are happy with the attorney that your find, so do not hesitate to call me and ask questions.  Do not be shy when it comes to your court case.  Do not settle for just talking to a receptionist, paralegal, or legal assistant at a Jacksonville law office.  If you need help with a legal problem, call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525.  If you would like to try a Florida lawyer referral service, try Jacksonville Lawyer Help.

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